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Beauty And the Beast
Beauty falls for beast etc., the fable explores parenting themes in parallel.
Diplomatic Wives
Woman's ambition; choice between husband and career.
A family bakery threatened with bankruptcy realises it has a far more serious problem on its hands.
Golden Girls
Pressures incurred in the competitive world of sport through a women's relay team at the Athens Olympics
House Wives
A woman's move from conservatism to standing for election as a Labour candidate.
Love From a Stranger
A blood-curdling Drama about frustrated spinster Alix King who has been engaged for years to Dick. Dependable but dull, Dick refuses to marry Alix until he can support her. When Alix unexpectedly inherits a fortune Dick is too proud to accept sharing it. then along comes a stranger. Handsome, successful and just that little bit dangerous, Gerald sweeps her off her feet. Before you know it they are married and move into Philomel Cottage. All too soon their happiness begins to disintegrate. Strange things begin to happen and Alix suspects that the man she rushed into marrying may not be what he seems to be. And who knows, maybe Alix has some dark secrets of her own.
Real Estate
Jenny, single and pregnant, returns to visit her mother after twenty years hoping to find some kind of assistance and support, unfortunately this is not to be
Rogue Herries
Rogue Herries, published in 1930, is the first in a series of four novels that make up the Herries Chronicles. It tells how Francis Herries moves his family from Doncaster to a crumbling manor house in Borrowdale; he sells his mistress at a fair and becomes infatuated, with disastrous consequences, with a young Gypsy girl.
Visiting the war grave of their husband/father two women in Salonika experience different sexual problems. A play about ageing, memory and reality.
A play about breast cancer in which Page has to deal with dominant definitions of femininity in order to probe the pain in the problem.
Nick, an ambitious young journalist exploits and distorts Shiel's tragic story to promote his own ends and gain advancement.

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Louise Page

Louise Page s-a nascut la data de 7 martie 1955 in Londra, Marea Britanie.

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