Piese de Luis Valdez

Los Vendidos
The play examines stereotypes of Latinos in California and how they are treated by local, state, and federal governments.
Zoot Suit
The story of Henry Reyna and the 38th Street Gang, who were tried for the Sleepy Lagoon murder in Los Angeles, during World War II. After a run-in with a neighboring gang at the local lovers lane, Sleepy Lagoon, the 38th Street Gang gets into a fight at a party, where a young man is murdered. Discriminated against for their zoot suit-wearing Chicano identity, twenty-two members of the 38th Street Gang are placed on trial for the murder, found guilty, and sentenced to life in San Quentin prison. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Henry's brother Rudy is beaten and stripped of his zoot suit during the Zoot Suit Riots.

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Biografie Luis Valdez 

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Luis Valdez

Luis Valdez s-a nascut la data de 26 iunie 1940 in Delano -California, SUA.

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