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Der Bus
The bus driver Hermann stops by the side of the road in the middle of a forest and takes a young woman travelling without a ticket to task. She says her name is Erika and claims to be a pilgrim who has accidentally got on the wrong bus on her way to Czestochowa, the most important holy site in Poland. Hermann does not believe her and breaks her hand when she tries to pray. Next she encounters the petrol pump attendant Anton, a drinker and biodiesel activist. But Erika refuses to stay with him and travels further with the morbid company of spa visitors, who ultimately desire, or would at least condone, her death. High up in the mountains, close to the peaks, Hermann digs Erika’s grave. But she is able to flee and finds her way to Anton, who takes her in. However, her afflictions have not come to an end. And ultimately, Erika has no other choice but to actually go on to Czestochowa, even if she seems to have lost all sense of the purpose of her mission on the journey.
Testul (Die Probe)
It is claimed that almost 40,000 of the children born in Germany every year are not actually genetically related to their supposed fathers. A figure that has presumably changed little over the decades. It is merely the possibility of biological certainty that, thanks to genetic testing, has almost become a consumer good. But something that provides questionable entertainment over and over again in the media can prove highly poisonous in the private lives of ordinary people. A man is plagued by doubts. He forces himself through the dubious procedure of collecting genetic material and, after two tortuous weeks of waiting, he has it in black and white. The child is not his, as is substantiated by a rigorous scientific chain of evidence.
Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern
As a young girl Dora lived in a state of psychological semi-sleep under the influence of tranquillizers prescribed by her doctor and parents. One day, at the mother's request, the medicines are discontinued. The mother would like to get to know her daughter's true personality, so Dora wakes up. She develops an enormous hunger for life, demonstrates her own will, and, above all, discovers her sexuality. Dora thus gets involved with a passing perfume salesman who abuses and rapes her. The parents are indignant but for their daughter this seems to be a successful escape from over-protective surroundings. She no longer takes any notice of warnings and advice from the doctor, parents, and employer. That delight in existence is not even destroyed when her parents finally get Dora to have an abortion and be sterilized in an act of ambiguous morality reclaiming belief that ethical responsibility demands intervention in their daughter's life.
Dragoste în patru tablouri
Despre latura întunecată a iubirii. Evelyn şi Daniel sunt amanţi. Pentru variaţie. Ea pentru că este labilă, iar el din plictiseală. Se întâlnesc într-un hotel şi se joacă de-a sado-masochismul. Susan, soţia lui Daniel e prea dedicată artei sale – se încăpăţânează să picteze portrete pe care nu le cumpără nimeni – iar Sebastian, soţul lui Evelyn are mâinile prea reci şi e brutal din când în când. Şi pentru că aventura s-a rutinat, tot pentru variaţie, cei doi amanţi decid să le spună adevărul soţilor legitimi. Ghinion pentru oncologul de laborator infidel. Soţia lui ponderată, raţională şi serioasă îi „răsplăteşte” „sinceritatea” cu câteva lovituri de cuţit. Avocatul din oficiu este nimeni altul decât cerebralul Sebastian, căruia, odată ajuns acasă, i se livrează aceeaşi porţie de adevăr.
Tema unor părinți care pun în pericol viața propriei fiice, fără să-și dea seama. Este o poveste despre vină, responsabillitate și destin.

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Lukas Bärfuss

Lukas Bärfuss s-a nascut la data de 30 decembrie 1971 in Thun, Elvetia.

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