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Inimă de boxer (Das Herz eines Boxers)
Viaţa e ca un ring de box, mai ales pentru un fost boxer ajuns la vârsta senectuţii, care nu se dă bătut de un tânăr cu aere de macho. Din spatele sălii, învăluiţi în fum, intră cei doi boxeri în ringul conflictului dintre generaţii. Ei sunt însoţiţi de instructorii-prieteni care îi încurajează sau consolează, după caz. Ca la un meci care se respectă, prezentatorul anunţă cu surle şi trâmbiţe începutul fiecărei runde. Nu lipseşte nici pata de culoare dată de o fată frumoasă, blondă şi cu picioare lungi, dar şi cu un trandafir în gură, şi care dă startul începerii rundelor.
Die Firma dankt
The company has got a new management team that has still not announced its. Adam Krusenstern, the 40-something head of the development department, is the only employee invited to a weekend at the company's guest house, where he is possibly supposed to get to know members of the new board. Mayumi, the young, attractive assistant, unsettles him with her friendly, solicitous manner. His encounters with the new head of human resources, Hansen, und Ella Goldmann, who introduces herself as a coach and representative of an assessment centre, do not go any better. The studiedly casual, unconventional behaviour of the intern Sandor is an additional irritation for Krusenstern, who places great emphasis on good manners at work. After an hour lazing around in the sauna and a relaxing round on the golf course, they decide to throw a party together in the evening, at which point Krusenstern is finally overtaken by utter bewilderment. Is there anyone here who wants to work? What will happen to his other colleagues in middle management? Is Krusenstern just gambling away his job by being inflexible and overly straight-laced? And which of the people present is really his opponent?
Don Quixote
În timp ce menajera pregătește seara o cacao, Senhor Quixada citește o carte despre cavaleri și este copleșit de imaginația lui. Fără alte introduceri, el decide să părăsească lectura și să plece spre aventură. Face din frizerul Enzo, primul om a întâlnit, un Sancho Panza al său.
A murder has been committed. And yet the day had begun so well: two boys, 19 and 17 years old, get to know two girls aged 15 and 16. It is the weekend, and they arrange to meet up for an excursion to Cologne, the big city. They want to make a proper day of it, do some shopping, carry on to a club in the evening and then see how things go.
A story of couples around the age of 40. Three such couples appear – the fourth casts a long shadow. The setting where the action takes place is a building with three apartments. One of the apartments has recently fallen vacant and been sold to Miriam and Johannes, who are returning to Germany after just over 20 years in Brazil. They meet Harald and Silke, and Gaby and Pitt – the people they will be sharing their lives with now. What initially begins so harmoniously – communal suppers and cheerfully boozy evenings for the men are arranged, tender friendships established – soon grows into a hardly bearable form of domination. The new people quickly realise they are being exploited to project and compensate for the old-established residents’ suppressed desires, yearnings and frustrations, yet it rapidly becomes apparent there is a gulf between the ideal and the reality.
Hotel Paraiso
Verena și Guenther Neuwirth, precum și fiica lor de 18 ani, Catherine, sunt cazați la un hotel cu vedere la mare din Portugalia. Au mai fost aici cu zece ani în urmă și retrăiesc acele clipe, meditează la modul în care ar fi arătat prezentul dacă atunci ar fi luat alte hotărâri.

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Lutz Hübner

Lutz Hübner s-a nascut la data de 16 ianuarie 1964 in Heilbronn, Germania.

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