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A History of Breathing
In a post-apocalyptic world, a great flood has claimed the land and many of its people. Two boats float aimlessly on an ocean that conceals the remains of civilization and history. One boat carries a father and daughter, the last survivors of an unspeakable catastrophe; the other carries the only hope for a new beginning.
MacGregor's Hard Ice Cream and Gas
The MacGregor family patriarch has passed away, but the ground in their desolate prairie town is frozen solid, making it impossible to bury him. In a sudden desperate attempt to make things right, son Jack hijacks the body up to his attic bedroom and holds his dead father hostage, keeping him cool with containers of their unique homemade ice cream. His mother, Marlene, has taken to pacing in circles in the basement, while his older brother is obsessed with fixing a sign for gas that they never sell. Into all of this walks Missy gone for sixteen years, and ten and a half months pregnant. In this gothic prairie tale of love, loss, and redemption, playwright Daniel Macdonald weaves together a hilarious and touching work that blends the absurd with the all-too-real, darkness with blinding light, and bitter cold with the warmth of forgiveness.
Cars, pageants and plastic surgery. The isolation of the East Kootenay mountains leads to strange and beautiful acts A darkly comic tale of beauty, loyalty and redemption.Trudy, Deer Ridge's own beauty queen, comes face-to-face with the broken realities of her dream-life and must turn to a most unlikely source for solace and truth.

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Macdonald Daniel

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