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Lapte și miere (Milk 'n' Honey)
Part fiction, part documentary, and based in part on interviews conducted with people whose backgrounds are as diverse farmers, food scholars, hunters, waiters, ad men, immigrant workers, diabetics, and dumpster divers (known as 'freegans'), Milk 'N' Honey is a large-scale multimedia play that looks at food and appetite in the 21st century: the play's interweaving storylines follow a couple whose marriage is at stake as they differ about what food to put on the table, a grocery store clerk who forages through dumpsters, immigrant farm workers, a family that struggles with diabetes, and a flavor chemist who attempts to capture the flavor of light.
Precious Little
When Brodie, a gifted professor of linguistics and a lesbian, learns the child she's carrying may have a genetic abnormality, she returns again and again to the zoo, where she finds unexpected comfort sitting at the cage of a strange, compelling gorilla. A play that looks at the limits of language-and what lies beneath its surface.
Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England
Fetele grase castiga intotdeauna (The Most Massive Woman Wins)
Piesa ne spune că nu trebuie să ne măsurăm valoarea în funcție de standardele de frumusețe, ci în funcție de personalitatea noastră, de ceea ce simțim. Patru femei cu dimensiuni și forme diferite, complexate pentru că se raportează la standardele frumuseții la modă, stau în sala de așteptare a unei clinici medicale unde se efectuează liposucții. Fiecare monologhează despre felul în care se percepe pe sine, rememorând amintiri dureroase din copilărie, frustrări legate de bărbați.
Ora zero (The Zero Hour)
Rebecca and her chronically unemployed butch girlfriend, O, have created a happy nest in their run-down walk-up in Queens, but things are starting to unravel. The more O pushes Rebecca to stop hiding their relationship, the more Rebecca's work lifewriting a textbook for seventh graders about the Holocaust begins to bleed into her personal life: She starts meeting World War II Nazis on the 7 train, passing as hipster professionals in New York City but hungry to come out about who they really are. Back home in Queens, O is also sparring with convincingly real visions: her long estrangedand recently dead?mother keeps showing up to argue with her about her choices. This almost-love story explores the relationship between honesty and cruelty: How do you tell the truth about yourself when that truth might devastate the people you love? A tour-de-force for two actors playing eight different roles.

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Madeleine George

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