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A Cottage Week-end
Ted and Mimi have inherited an old cottage. This particular week-end was supposed to involve the installation of a new septic tank, but plans change, signals get crossed, guests arrive and chaos reigns. The sheer delight of cottage life is balanced by the ever-present threat of plumbing and power breakdown.
A Rectory For Two
Two small rural churches find themselves suffering financially. They agree to share one rectory for their two new incoming ministers in order to save money. Complications develop once the ministers move in.
Intrigue at Twilight Towers
Grace Hampton, a newly arrived resident at the retirement home Twilight Towers, is viewed suspiciously by the older residents. They speculate she is someone special and the police decide she is too and assign an undercover officer to the home to gather evidence. Careful sleuthing leads to an ending no-one had anticipated.
It's Your Move
A couple decide they have too much "stuff" and decide to move into a condo. In the course of this they experience the ups and downs of staging and moving. Meanwhile an unscrupulous entrepreneur hopes to make a lot of money on the purchase of their home.
Playing at Politics
A playwright writes a play about politics and she and the actors become involved in "real" politics as a result. Inevitably scandal or alleged scandal rears its ugly head.
Rough Seas
A couple take a trip which is ostensibly an anniversary cruise but which has been secretly organized by father and son in an attempt to solve a family falling out. As with many trips there are moments when the sailing is not exactly smooth.
The Acting Principal
A charming imposter poses as a doctor and assumes the identity of a patient thought to be dead. This allows him to become headmaster of a prestigious private school where things become most complex as he has to deal with grand theft, the "dead" patient's wife, and finally, the patient himself.

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Malcolm Shiner

Malcolm Shiner s-a nascut la data de 1937 in , Canada.

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