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A play that celebrates the Australian man: the awkward, the noble, the funny and the strange. Written as five monologues, Bloke delves into the local characters we all recognise and love; a school boy, a brother, an Auskick coach, a bird lover and a man who dreams of bringing the whole street together.
If the Truth be Told
A series of five monologues, each revealing something important about the character on stage. A glamorous criminal, a die-hard Bull-Dog supporter, an elderly woman stricken with jealousy, a Surfers Paradise resident with a penchant for jet skis and a mother who never minds her language; each woman will reveal a truth that threatens to affect everyone around them and unhinge their own existence. Often hilarious and always heartwarming, you will recognise every woman as someone you have observed or loved.
The Pool
On the surface, it would appear that Kate has it all; marriage, children, successful job and that most hallowed of Australian possessions, an in-ground pool. However, on the eve of a party to celebrate her new pool, Kate receives an email from a lover she has not heard from in over ten years. It sends her into a whirlpool of emotion. Later, as the 40-year-olds celebrate, devastating cracks in their lives are revealed. By the end of a booze-addled night, those present will be forced to recognise that their loves and loyalties are not as pristine as the water they all revere.

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Margaret Hickey

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