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Butcher of Baraboo, The
Valerie is the butcher of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Her husband has gone missing and everyone suspects she played a hand, especially her nosy sister-in-law who just happens to be the town sheriff. And her daughter, a drug-pushing pharmacist, might know more than she lets on. The Butcher of Baraboo is a black comedy about a butcher, a secret, and one perfectly polished meat cleaver. - press release
Game On
Descending the stairs into the basement, sisters become entrapped in their late parents disturbing hobby and realize they may not make it out of the basement alive. Toxic secrets threaten to infect the sisters relationship in this frightening and moving drama. www.interlinktheatre.com/ 1h 30m, Manhattan, NYC Drama, - http://www.fringenyc.org/
Psalms Of A Questionable Nature

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Marisa Wegrzyn

Marisa Wegrzyn s-a nascut la data de in , SUA.

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