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4 Millionen Türen
A room with four doors. Ernst is joined by Bendt, then Ella and finally Felix. They have obviously been invited to job interviews and wait in the room with four doors before they are asked to go in and present themselves. It is risky for them to get to know each other: Each new person who comes through the door could also be the employer disguising himself or herself as a job applicant in order to test the potential employees. Each candidate embodies a typical role – Ernst is naïve, insecure and painfully shy, Bendt is dominant, self-assured and macho, Felix is an accusing social critic, Ella is a reconciliatory, harmonising feminine presence – and the four applicants’ meeting really has been engineered.
A father and his rebellious son. A mother and her stubborn daughter. The generations have little to say to one another. They are at home in different linguistic games. These parents meet at work and are thinking of having an affair; the children think of a love which should be unconditional, grand and symbiotic, in another, better world. The way there requires a new language which they seek to create.
Inima mea e curată (Mein Herz ist rein)
Despre războiul dintre generații. Aflați într-o lume mult mai rapidă, mai greu de urmat și de înțeles, părinții pot avea surprize în stare să-i destabilizeze atunci când se raportează la copiii lor. La precocitatea lor. La lipsa de preconcepții și la modul în care aleg să-și trăiască libertatea.
Schiess doch, Kaufhaus
Almost everyone talks about it. Everyone hears about it. It whirrs abstractly through TV channels, print media, public discussions, and the internet. It is acclaimed, criticized, and fought. There are as many definitions of it as there are ideologies. But scarcely anyone can say exactly what globalization is.
Wörter und Körper
"Lina, a young woman without friends, goals or close relatives, walks through everyday life, sowing unrest. She is an absent-minded saint of the kind and disturbs people and rouses them; she breaks up marriages and revitalises them. She is a creator of connections. Those whom she leaves suddenly feel something is missing. Complete strangers establish momentary alliances, but there are no deeper connections." (Peter Kümmel)

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Martin Heckmanns

Martin Heckmanns s-a nascut la data de 19 octombrie 1971 in Mönchengladbach, Germania.

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