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Absolutely! (Perhaps)
seminal gay play. In 1930s Berlin Max and his lover/flatmate Rudy begin a nightmare odyssey through Nazi Germany, which placed homosexuals on a lower scale than Jews. Max refuses to abandon Rudy and soon they're caught. Fn route to Dachau, Rudy is killed and Horst, another homosexual prisoner, warns Max to deny Rudy, which he does. Max opts for the label 'Jew' rather than 'queer' but he and Horst are attracted to each other; when Horst is callously killed Max declares himself before committing suicide.
Boy From Oz (American Version)
Chain Play, The
Written By Terry Johnson, Philip Ridley, Charlotte Jones, Lee Hall, Sebastian Barry, Zinnie Harris, Kevin Flyot, Nick Dear, Tanika Gupta, Frank McGuinness, Nick Stafford, Stephen Sondheim, Colin Teevan, Patrick Marber, David Lan, Sarah Daniels, Martin She One off performance of chain writing to celebrate the National Theatre's 25th anniversary. A scene each from all the authors for a performance on one night
a comedy set in the gay scene in California of the 70s where an assassin is on the loose.
Fat Tuesday
The play, set in New Orleans, reflects its era, including racism, more accurately than most other American mid - 60 plays
Madhouse In Goa, A
Next Year in Jerusalem
Painter David and his parents, Aron and Deborah - the latter barely able to walk because she suffers from a degenerative disease, visit the ruins of the oldest temple of the country hopping in a miracle for the her desease.
Night Before Paris, The
About a New Yorker scheduled to fly to Paris next day. She leaves her therapy group and picks up an ice-skater.
Passage To India, A
Passing By
A brave and a charming romantic comedy about a love between two men whose hearts pull them together as their lives pull them apart.
Rio Grande
The play is focused on women. Marco, the lover of Cassie, is frighetened by her illness and abandons her. Cassie has a daughter – Clea – who leaves her for living in New York. In her isolation Cassie begins to speak to a green man – an alien – who will invite her to commit suicide…
Rose are 80 de ani, este de două ori văduvă și viața ei este reprezentativă pentru ce a însemnat să fii evreu în Europa secolului al XX-lea. Așezată pe o bancă din Miami Beach, ea povestește cum a supraviețuit plecând dintr-un mic sat rusesc, trecând prin ghetourile din Varșovia, iar apoi ajungând in Atlantic City și Florida.
Solitary Thing, A
An adolescent embarrassment.
Some Sunny Day
The play is set in Cairo, 1942. As war rages in the desert, cultures collide in the city and six individuals struggle to come to terms with love, lust and fate in an alien country.
Things Went Badly In Westphalia
A play which takes its name from a line in Candide by Voltaire.
When She Danced
În 1923, Isadora Duncan se află la Paris căsătorită cu cu revoluţionarul poet rus Esenin. E falită, fără casă, prinsă într-o pasiune distrugătoare, dar convinsă în continuare că poate oferi frumuseţe omenirii prin dans.

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