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Afraid of the dark and plagued by power failure, Henry Quealy is living in the shadow of terror. Returning one day from his job as a door-to-door salesman selling doors, Henry discovers a hitherto hidden portal in the wall of his home. The government declares Henry a shadow of his former self — literally — and he is taken away through the mystery door. The play is a satirical comedy about the divided self and the paranoia of the insular state.
Man the Balloon
The local balloon man declares the outbreak of an alarming trend: citizens are spontaneously bursting. With its diminishing population, this is a town inhabited by not-quite-together people who are constantly in analysis. Elliot, a hapless balloon enthusiast, struggles to uncover the cause of the random implosions and convince everyone they need help before they all disappear into thin air. The play is a satirical and absurd parable of an insecure, small-minded society unwittingly bent on self-destruction.
Mr Melancholy
An absurd comedy of solitude and sorrow. Three hermits, living in a lighthouse without a light, discover a runaway circus clown washed ashore.
Tear from a Glass Eye
In this absurdist tale, a man called Titus is found unconscious in the desert. He has lost his memory. A woman suffering from burn wounds waits on a beach for an overhead plane to explode and fall into the sea. Titus, for whom she is waiting, is listed as a passenger on the flight.

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Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron s-a nascut la data de 1969 in Melbourne, Australia.

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