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How He Hated The Grand Canyon
Commitment issues, travel vignettes and emotional erosion on a camping trip. A bitter-sweet look at a relationship.
I'm Having It Off With Ajax
A woman becomes obsessed with cleaning, to the detriment of her relationship: "I had been missing out on something, but had to wonder, if by cleaning up one mess, I hadn't created another."
Naughty Bad Girls
Lucy, Rhonda and Nick give a series of interwoven monologues on the topics of 'discovering yourself', the 'universal panacea of feminism', and 'all men are bastards'.
A man and a woman discuss life, the universe and everything including a freezer.
The Rising Scone
Four young people mount a scone race in an effort to put their small town on the map. The race is on, but the battle for places is soon overshadowed by something ... er ... bigger.

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Mel Johnston

Mel Johnston s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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