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A Birthday Homily
Little Ella June overcomes the worst case of nerves to deliver a profound celebratory message at her church's Juneteenth celebration service.
Adia And Clora Snatch Joy
In the wake of her mother’s death, Adiaha Ufot travels to Wilmington, NC in search of the man who knew her mother last. Instead of Azell, Adia finds Clora – and a house that looks strangely familiar. Together Adia and Clora reconcile their pasts and imagine new ways forward.
Birthday Pigeons In A Morningside Paradise
Shireen and Dale are desperately trying to figure out the best way to parent their overgrown toddler when suddenly a pigeon flies into their window. Nature has the last say in this child-rearing comedy.
Tasha has escaped her life in the projects of Memphis, Tennessee and made a life in the heart of New York City. She had no plans to ever return until her sister has an emergency. Tasha attempts to reconcile her torn history with her opulent present and along the way pick up the pieces of herself she left behind.
Her Portmanteau
Abasiama Ufot must forge new households and pass down her inheritance. Trapped within a small apartment, Abasiama confronts her daughters and opens long closed vaults, trying to build the bridge across two very different worlds.
A modern take on Leroi Jones', Dutchman. Poppy, Tyrell and Prentice take each other for an emotional spin as they fight to discover what and who makes up a "real" woman.
Idara finally musters the courage to choose love, despite daunting pressure.
In Old Age
Abasiama Ufot and an elder man, Azell Abernarthy, make an unlikely spiritual connection. Abasiama learns the true nature of love just as life takes a new turn.
A couple explodes on the streets of Newark, NJ as a young man's desire to simply walk home in the middle of the night triggers abject fear in his girlfriend.
A mother wakes up in 19th century Nigeria to discover her daughter has disappeared, never to be seen again, into the bush.
The uptight, inhospitable Goodies and the artistic, misunderstood Hoodies battle for territory and resources in this hip-hop tale of scarcity and immigration.
A group of teenagers become unruly after being locked in the Chelsea Recreational Center for 108 hours 45 minutes 13 seconds 14 seconds and 15 seconds, 16 seconds, 17 seconds... As hours become days, the way the teenagers behave morphs and their true colors are shown.
Return Home
Fatima, a Somalian living in America, decides to accept a marriage proposal, to the shock and consternation of her American friend, Deidre.
Married couple, Disciple and Abasiama Ufot, have been living the exact same day over and over again for many decades. A sudden burst of frustration breaks their pattern and time suddenly rushes forward while also reeling backwards; forcing Disciple and Abasiama to finally navigate the treacherous waters of illness, memory and love. The survival of this 30+ year marriage depends on building new vocabularies and daring, once again, to live moment by moment.
An interacial couple, Regis and Coral, from Huntsville, AL, contest the racial politics of the day after they receive an old mule named Sherman (a deathbed gift from Regis' late mother).
Abasiama came to America with high hopes - for her arranged marriage and her future - intent on earning a degree and returning to Nigeria. But when her husband is seduced by America, she must choose between the Nigerian or American Dream.
The Grove
Adiagha Ufot, first generation offspring and eldest daughter of a transplanted Nigerian family, is both conduit of her rich culture and fulfiller of the legacy of the American dream. Adiagha struggles to balance as her Nigerian history and her American present collide and combust.
The Lonely Hearts Club
3 strangers meet to grieve the death of their most important relationships and all 3 discover that public grief can help the healing begin.
diagha Ufot, the eldest daughter and the first generation offspring of a transplanted Nigerian family simultaneously serves as the only viable conduit of her rich culture and as her family's ticket to the American dream. Fracture occurs when Adiagha declares her love to her long time best friend, Kimberley Wallace.
Walking Out
A young couple must decide what to do when finances are strained, the workplace is hostile and kindness/honesty seem to be in short order.

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