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Approaching Moomtaj
A Brooklyn Everyman becomes trapped in a Virtual Arab country after 9/11, forced to confront his own rage and chose between life, or a pointless death in pursuit of fantastic delusions, as terrorists do.
At Home (Split, Part 1)
A seemingly perfect couple qiuarrels over how to prepare dinner and, ultimately, how to save their marriage
Ballad Of Soapy Smith, The
set in an Alaska Gold rush Town in 1897,a trickster commits the cardinal sin of believing in his own con
a small provincial Russian town is suddenly aroused from its lethargy by the imminent arrival of the first railroad
In Beast, descriebd as "a blood-red comic road adventure," two Iraqi War veteransbadly mutilated but as fiercely patriotic as evermake their way home from a military hospital in Germany. Their marauding adventure across America takes them to Crawford, Texas, where they meet up with their Commander-in-Chief (Larry Pine) and offer a surefire solution to all his problems. - nytheatre.com
Bodybuilders, The
While Keith plods on with his novel, his wife, Kate, methodically denigrates his output with her bitchy comments. But Keith is fully her match in nastiness, much to the consternation of the two bare-chested young musclemen, Powie and Flash, who suddenly pop in to introduce themselves and are caught in the crossfire. But the confrontation of their purely physical and oddly innocent presence with the jaded, cerebral psyches of the two antagonists produces an unexpected detentewhich will last, no doubt, only so long as it takes to devise another lacerating, masochistic routine to succeed it.
Buying Time
Acțiunea se petrece în sud-vestul SUA unde firma de avocatură Donne & Russo tocmai a câștigat un caz care a dus la căderea Guvernatorului. Acest lucru a deranjat mafia locală implicată în industria mineritului, mafia care se infiltra in toate firmele de avocatură și le distrugea din interior. Bennett Traube este exponentul de seamă al firmei și încearcă să o salveze, se îndrăgostește de o avocată idealistă care apără cazul social, o seduce și încearcă să o abată de la crezul ei.
Cello Days at Dixon's Palace
An artist, a mechanic, and their girl are worried about Dixon, their leader, who is hung up over his latest painting, "The Monster". They are easily introduced - themselves young people, real, who feel truly and do not deceive themselves, essentially moral and trusting enough to expect the same in those around them. These good people are well-acted and convincing; they also come across as very young; something the author did not have in mind. This leads to complications. They key question of the play is whether to trust Marcel, the boarder they picked off the street months ago, who suddenly asks for money so that he can recover his cello. He is finally given the money, though Dixon, now cynical, is loath to do it. As the group awaits his return, not knowing whether their trust was justified, the suspense builds.
Six-year-old Nicholas gets into hot water when he invents a non-existent creature called Dogbrain to blame for his bad behavior. When Dogbrain materializes (visible only to Nicholas) and wreaks havoc on his family, Nick and his little brother are forced into the night-time streets of the city where they encounter a huge dog, a bag person, and finally, a rescuer, straight out of Nicholas' imaginationthe same imagination that conjured up his dark side as the creature Dogbrain. Thus does Nicholas learn how he has within him bad and good, and the power to keep them under his own control.
Dopey Fairy Tale, A
Cei din familia Baker sunt brutari și au pregătit punch pentru niște demnitari ce urmează să guste produsele lor. Ei au un fiu Clarence și un câine pe nume Chatter. După ce fac ceva încurcături, cei doi merg într-o pădure unde întâlnesc două încântătoare broaște care le spun că vor fi salvați dacă o fac să zâmbească pe trista prințesă Gladys. Reușesc acest lucru, broaștele se transformă în Rege și Regină, iar Clarence se căsătorește cu prințesa.
Dwarfman, Master of a Million Shapes
Creatorul de benzi desenate comice, Stanley Dorfman, face o cădere nervoasă datorată stresului generat de termenele de predare a lucrărilor, întreținerea copilului și a soției gravide. Datorită pierderii legăturii cu realitatea, personajele sale sălbatice și nefericite devin un alter-ego al lui, oarecum reale: supereroul Dwarfman și iubita sa Elektra, savantul nebun Dr. Azabov și formidabilul Roach King. În încercarea disperată de a-și regăsi identitatea, el se retrage la o cabană în maine unde primește vizita tatălui său mort...
Fifty Words
In Fifty Words, somethings gone awry behind the idyllic fa
a married couple nearing thirty having failed at farming tentatively attempt to come to terms with life and reality through deep sea fishing
Ghost On Fire
a failed film director and a cameraman with a script reach a moment of reckoning and reconciliation that resolves all
Grant's Movie
Happy Valley
How Ho-Ho Rose and Fell in Seven Short Scenes
Lake No Bottom
husband and ex lover fight over woman by New England lake - at least the marriage is refreshed !
Loose Ends
relationships and individual personalities of the 70's as ex young world travellers marry and argue over whether to have children
Making of Theodore Thomas, Citizen, The
love affairs and problems of young students in shared flat during graduation year 1965-66 in an American University town
More Than You Deserve
Acțiunea se petrece într-o bază a armatei SUA din Vietnam. Maiorul Michael Dillon se îndrăgostește de o reporteră care se dovedește a fi nimfomană atunci când e violată de mai mulți soldați din bază. Ea se consideră mai fericită dacă ar putea dărui apetitul ei sexual comandantului impotent.
Now There's Just The Three Of Us
Perry și Frank sunt colegi de cameră. Perry invidiază succesul la femei pe care îl are Frank, success despre care acesta îi povestește totul. Apare Deke și, deși nici unul din ei nu îi cunoaște, acesta îl convinge pe fiecare că e prieten bun și cunoscut al celuilalt. O aduce și pe prietena lui și se mută cu ea în dormitor, fapt care îi displace lui Frank. Atunci când este căutat de FBI, Deke dispare și o lasă fata acolo, aceasta anunțându-i că e disponibilă și devotată sexului. Cei doi sunt uimiți și realizează că acum sunt doar ei trei!!!
Poison Come Poison
home and away bittersweet comedy about contemporary relationships
Spoils of War
chronicles the desperate attempts of a sixteen year old boy to reconcile his divorced parents
Tira Tells Everything There Is To Know About Herself
At the outset Tira awaits the arrival of her lover, Edward, who, she admits, bores her. When he goes off to retrieve the present he forgot to bring her, she is visited, in turn, by four other and quite dissimilar possible loversall played by the single male actor in the play. There is Poof, the lisping faggot; Lucio, the uncertain Latin gigolo; Brute, the belching lout; and, finally, the sensitive, withdrawn Tib. In their encounters Tira acquires qualities complementary to each, but all ultimately disappoint, and Tira, having found that all there is to know about herself is nothing, turns to suicide as the inevitable alternative.
Twenty-Three Years Later
What the Night is For
Adapting a large, complex novel to the stage is difficult. There is a lot to condense into three hours: revolutions, the demise of the bourgeoisie, World War I, the Civil War, the new regime, not to mention the romantic plot. Michael Weller’s book contains no extraneous scenes or dialogue. Each scene cracks along impressively at lightning speed, deftly directed by McAnuff, nailing the key plot points and relationships in a heightened manner, very much in the style of grand opera.

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Michael Weller

Michael Weller s-a nascut la data de 1943 in , SUA.

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