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6 Characters In Search Of An Otter
An excuse for actors to have a good time. The play is revue-style with multiple characters ranging from yogi and pusher to priest and parachutist. It parodies the short cuts offered by cults in the search for personal truth ... in this case a lost otter.
Blood Sports
What happens when the All Blacks are boycotted everywhere in the world except Transylvania? Opportunity for a full team of All Blacks and monsters.
The NZ version of Oedipus Rex? A condemnation of wholesale vegecide? An overdose of your asthma inhaler? Witchcraft in Opotiki? Experimental theatre in Te Puke? Kontiki fishing in Whakatane? Scenes from prison life? Dancing with your long dead Mum? Please delete where applicable. A NZ identity dilemma.
Janis Joplin Live at the Department of Labour
You don't get the dole without giving something in return - 'Take it; take another little piece of my heart now baby.'

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Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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