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Mother Goose
Mother Goose hits the jackpot when Lucy the goose starts laying golden eggs. But it's not enough for her to just feather her own nest – she wants youth, beauty and a total makeover as well. Meanwhile news of the goose and its golden gifts has travelled, and from far away an evil plot is hatching …. Look out behind you!!!
The Pink Hammer
Four very different women answer a flyer for 'The Pink Hammer Workshop' – a ladies-only woodwork class. They turn up expecting empowerment and sisterhood from the advertised tutor, Maggie Taylor….but when they arrive, Maggie’s gone AWOL. Maggie’s husband Woody certainly doesn’t want a bunch of crazy women playing with his tools, but he doesn’t have a choice!

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Michele Amas

Michele Amas s-a nascut la data de in Dunedin, Noua Zeelandă.

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