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A Thousand Hills
A true story of survival and friendship based on the 1994 Rwandan experiences of Francois Byamana and New Zealand Red Cross volunteer Bob Askew. In 1994 the tiny central African country of Rwanda experienced an outpouring of ethnic violence that resulted in over 800,000 deaths. Following this genocide survivors scrambled their way into the many refugee camps set up by aid agencies and considered their fragile futures. This is the story of one such survivor, who against all odds found his way from this heart of darkness to the bottom of the world.
Beautiful Losers
In their pursuit of the ultimate high, writer Jack Kerouac and con artist/car thief Neal Cassady leave New York for Mexico, accompanied by a soundtrack of cool Jazz, conversation, amphetamines and booze. Their arrival in Mexico brings them into the world of William Burroughs and his partner Joan. What happens next is a combination of high times, low deeds and cruel tragedy.
Wide Awake
Lenny can't get to sleep at night. He begs his mother and father to tell him a story, which takes his imagination on a night journey to a land where a Queen can't find true happiness, a dragon who can't find his fire and giant an old man who are keeping him awake. Along the way he discovers the real reason why he can't go to sleep and what really goes bump in the night. A story of waking up to what really matters.

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Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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