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A Carpet, A Pony And A Monkey
Euro 2000: the European Football Championships. Millionaire ticket tout Baz has blown it all on dot.com shares, so it's off to Belgium with his reluctant sidekick Tosser to get rid of three hundred tickets for the England v. Germany game on a bunch of pissed-up Geordies.
Harry's had some bad news from the doctor and he's worried. Worried that, because of his life-long political convictions, he hasn't got anything to leave to his sons and grandchildren. So, by joining the property owning democracy, Harry thinks he's helping everyone out. Then the economic downturn gets in the way.
The Come Back
An incident between two families impacts on a comedian’s plans for a comeback. This piece also sees the same actors playing both parents and children.
tHe dYsFUnCKshOnaIZ!
In 1977 when Punk was at its height. Billy Abortion's band mates left him bleeding to death in a Copenhagen hotel room. In 2007 Billy is back from the dead and stacking shelves. There was no way tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalZ! would ever reform. Until now. . .

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Mike Packer

Mike Packer s-a nascut la data de in , Marea Britanie.

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