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and what remains
Set in a potential future in Wellington's International Departure Lounge. As her boarding call nears, a battle weary Mary finds the flight is delayed. She is confronted by the despairing Peter, bringing with him revelations of why her family have departed. Mary is joined by others, Solomon, an anxious young man who awaits his first flight abroad; Ana, a restless young cleaner who has finished her dayshift and the worldly wise traveller Imlah, who awaits her own flight.
He Reo Aroha
The love story of childhood sweethearts Kaia and Pascoe. Together they tell their compelling story of the redemptive powers of love and music through beautiful original waiata.
Sunset Road
Set in Rotorua and the Cook Islands, Sunset Road is a dramatic coming-of-age story. It's two days before twins Luka and Lucia finally cross in to adulthood. Free, they roam the steam filled streets of Rotorua on Luka's trusty Bonneville and dream of taking on the world. Luka desperate to escape, Lucia to become Miss Geyserland. The twins work with their devout father at the local sawmill, uninspiring to them, for him where he has been since he first brought his family to this dry and broken land. A near death experience drags father back to memories of Atiu, Cook Islands and the secrets and mistakes of his past, shaking the family's foundations and ultimate love of each other.
Urban Hymns
A tale of youthful desperation and ambition during the global economic crisis.

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Miria George

Miria George s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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