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Sitting in an automobile was where I first remember understanding how drama works. Hidden in the back seat of a sedan, I quickly realized how deep the chasm or intense the claustrophobia could be inside your average family car.' Be it the medium for clandestine couplings, arguments, shelter, or ultimately transportation, the automobile is perhaps the most authentically American of spaces. In Autobahn, Neil LaBute's provocative new collection of one-act plays set within the confines of the front seat, the playwright employs his signature plaintive insight to great effect, investigating the inchoate apprehension that surrounds the steering wheel. Each of these seven brief vignettes explore the ethos of perception and relationship - from a make-out session gone awry, to a kidnapping thinly disguised as a road trip, a reconnaissance mission involving the rescue of a Nintendo 64 to a daughter's long ride home after her release from rehab. The result is an unsettling montage that gradually reveals the scabrous force of words left unsaid while illuminating the delicate interplay between intention and morality, capturing the essence of Middle America and the myriad paths which cross its surface.
All three are unblinking portraits of the evils that are abroad in everyday life; each is distinguished by the raw and yet lyrical intensity that has become Neil Labute's signature
A comedy club. The man claims it is his first try at stand-up comedy. His attempts are very poor. He admits that he is gay. Then as a punch line claims that he is not and that he really is a stand-up comedian with regular spots at various comedy clubs and has fooled the audience.
About a heterosexual couple who met online. The audience witnesses the couple’s first personal encounter. As their meeting progresses, the audience observes the hour the couple spends together with all its awkwardness and the process of the couple warming up to each other.
Distance From Here, The
…the Darrells, Tims and Jenns of this world hold a special place in my mind. A unique, uncomfortable space that says, 'Damn, that could've been me." Even growing up in America, I think most of us are only two detentions and one dead-end job away from ending up just another failed dreamer with a difficult childhood and lousy luck... I never liked the way those kids dressed, or the music they listened to or the way they talked, so from the beginning they were, in essence, dead to me. This is my attempt at a resurrection -Neil LaBute from Preface to The Distance From Here.
Falling In Like
Fat Pig
'Cow.' 'Slob.' 'Pig.' How many insults can you hear before you have to stand up and defend the woman you love?Tom faces just that question when he falls for Helen, a bright, funny, sexy young woman who happens to be plus-sized - and then some. Forced to explain his new relationship to his shallow (although shockingly funny) friends, finally Tom comes to terms with his own preconceptions of the importance of conventional good looks. Neil LaBute's sharply drawn play not only critiques our slavish adherence to Hollywood ideals of beauty but boldly questions our own ability to change what we dislike about ourselves.
Five Story Walkup
This is an evening of dark tales about risk and reward, featuring never-before-produced short plays and monologues.
O şleahtă de sfinţi (Gaggle Of Saints, A)
Un cuplu face o călătorie într-un weekend oarecare, călătorie în cursul căreia bărbatul va ucide un semen de-al său numai fiindcă acesta e homosexual.
Great War, The
Un studiu asupra problematicii ridicată de relaţiile dintre bărbat şi femeie. Un cuplu se ceartă pentru a clarifica cine şi ce anume va putea respectiv va trebui să păstreze după divorţ.
Helter Skelter
In a chic restaurant in New York city, a man and his wife meet to take a break from Christmas shopping. He doesn't know that she has already seen him today.Elsewhere in town, a couple part. He goes to the office, she visits a clinic. As events unfold, it becomes clear that this is not just any ordinary day.
I Love This Game
A solo piece about a father’s lost perspective on his son’s Little League game.
In a Dark Dark House
On the grounds of a private psychiatric facility, two family members find themselves brought face to face with each other's involvement in their traumatic past. In court-ordered rehab, Drew calls on his brother, Terry, to corroborate his story of abuse. Drew's request releases barely-hidden animosities between the two; is he using these repressed memories to save himself while smearing the name of his brother's friend and mentor? These siblings must struggle to come to grips with their troubled legacy, both inside and outside their dark family homepress release
In The Company Of Men
in the company of men is a black comedy about a psychological love triangle set within 1990s corporate culture. The story of two white collar-managers, Chad and Howard, who maliciously plot to jointly romance the lonely, deaf, beautiful office temp Christine before simultaneously dumping her, is cool and compelling in its depiction of the worst sorts of emotional abuse. What begins as a cat-and-mouse game of one-upmanship quickly escalates into full-scale psychological warfare, with the woman merely a pawn easily captured and tossed aside in a dark, wicked duel for corporate ascension.
In the forest dark and deep
Doi frați marcați de o relație disfuncțională se reîntâlnesc pentru a muta lucruri dintr-o casă închiriată în pădure. Între ei se declanșează un război în toată regula, cu un întreg rechizitoriu al eșecurilor reactualizate. Dar nu este decât fundalul pe care se desfășoară adevărata poveste. Cei doi nu sunt ceea ce par a fi, iar miza întâlnirii lor ține de un adevăr greu de acceptat.
Iphigenia In 0rem
Un tată, bărbat tânăr, cu relativ succes profesional, aparent bine situat într-o companie ceva mai mică, îşi ucide fiica de numai câteva luni doar fiindcă un coleg îi face o farsă prin care îl informează că figurează pe lista de concedieri, concedieri ce vor interveni după ce firma pentru care lucra a fost absorbită de o alta, mai potentă financiar şi cu un management mai eficient dar şi mai pretenţios. Citeste mai mult: adev.ro/mq8611
Land Of The Dead
In a chic restaurant in New York city, a man and his wife meet to take a break from Christmas shopping. He doesn't know that she has already seen him today.Elsewhere in town, a couple part. He goes to the office, she visits a clinic. As events unfold, it becomes clear that this is not just any ordinary day.
Liars' Club
Tha play cuts through the notion of "acting" versus truth.
Love At Twenty
The play studies the reverberations set off by a college student's affair with her married professor.
Medea Redux
O tânără mamă care a acceptat să ascundă că a rămas însărcinată după ce a fost abuzată sexual de unul dintre profesorii ei, unul dintre cei mai respectabili, doar pentru a-i salva acestuia cariera, îşi omoară băiatul după ce vreme de 14 ani l-a crescut singură.
reasons to be pretty
Americas obsession with physical beauty is confronted headlong in this brutal and exhilarating new play. In reasons to be pretty, Gregs tight-knit social circle is thrown into turmoil when his offhanded remarks about a female coworkers pretty face (and his girlfriends lack thereof) get back to said girlfriend. But thats just the beginning. Gregs best buddy Kent, and Kents wife Carly also enter into the picture and the emotional equation becomes exponentially more complicated. As their relationship crumbles, their friends are pulled into the fray and all are forced to confront a sea of deceit, infidelity and betrayed trust in their journey to answer that oh-so-American question: How much is pretty worth? - press release
Some Girl(s)
Guy, un tânăr scriitor, hotărăşte să îşi rezolve problemele amoroase din trecut, întâlnindu-se, pe rând, într-o cameră de hotel, cu patru dintre femeile cărora el crede că le-a facut cel mai mult rău…Ce urmează?Gelozie, regrete, surprize, un cocktail exploziv de emoţii…o comedie dulce-amară despre dragoste şi măştile ei…
The Mercy Seat
On September 12, 2001, Ben Harcourt finds himself in the downtown apartment of his lover, Amy Prescott. Over the course of the night, Ben and Amy explore the choices now available to them in an existence different from the one they knew just the day before. LaBute presents the brutal realities of the war between the sexes and explores whether one can be truly opportunistic in a time of universal selflessness.
The Shape of Things Text disponibil online
Adam, student la anglistică, îşi câştigă existenţa lucrând ca paznic într-un muzeu. Aici o cunoaşte pe Evelyn, studentă la arte plastice. Phillip, prietenul cel mai bun al lui Adam, crede că tânăra studentă are o influenţă negativă asupra acestuia. Singura persoană din anturajul său care o acceptă pe Evelyn este Jenny, logodnica lui Phillip. Din studentul timid şi retras, Adam devine o persoană sigură de sine, care îşi poate asuma răspunderea propriilor fapte.
Things We Said Today
The action follows a married couple’s reckoning in a chic restaurant.
This Is How it Goes
Belinda and Cody Phipps appear to be a typical American couple: teenage sweethearts now married with children and a luxurious home. Typical except that Cody is in almost every respect an outsider - rich and black and different, in the words of Belinda, who finds herself attracted to a white former classmate who has recently returned to town. As the battle for her affections is waged against a backdrop as seemingly serene as a Norman Rockwell painting, Belinda and Cody frankly question the foundation of their initial attraction, opening the door wide to a swath of bigotry, deception, and betrayal.
War On Terror, The
a man in his mid-50s is mourning his wife's death. People often gossiped about the age difference between them - she was 15 years older - but Edward Carr didn't care, because "she was worth loving". He won her from her first husband after a fistfight, and they built a profitable business, which he calls his "kingdom", recovering and renting classic cars (the ostensible reason for the title). The sex was always mighty: he never tired of "being inside her". Yes, LaBute's taboo du jour is incest, and the play is a loose adaptation of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex.Karen Fricker, The Guardian

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