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A Bad Night
A complex portrait of acquaintance rape as told by real interviews from men and women, survivors, detectives, attorneys, and others affected by what is a problem of inconceivable proportions.
Aerosol Dreams
After the unexpected death of her fiancé and subsequent tabloid scandal in Vegas, Maria is back in her hometown with no job, no money, and her mother, Patty, for a roommate. Her best friend Amber insists on dragging her to the local bar where she's got to face the people from her past, and just when Maria thinks her chance at happiness is lost forever she meets Tommy, an almost-famous-rock-star bartender. Can Maria escape the grip of her old life for the chance to escape to something new?
Death In NJ
Growing up in Jersey, Caroline has dreamed of one thing: moving to New York and owning her own hoagie stand. While on a date at the rodeo in Cowtown, the ghost of her estranged father comes to her explaining that as a result of committing fraud and being a bad dad, he has been sent to purgatory. The only way he can avoid hell, which happens to be an exact replica of crowded Canal Street in Chinatown, New York City on a 105 degree day, is by achieving her forgiveness. This, of course, pisses her off, but after pleading his case she decides to give it a shot. She must find a way to forge the relationship they never had without losing her mind or her boyfriend.
Local Nobody
Sal, a hard drinking loner from New Jersey, wakes up one morning to find his father dead in his room. With no one to turn to for comfort, he does the only thing he knows- heads to the bar to drown himself in booze by the side of the bartender and his only friend Lou. There, he runs into the local mess Gina, who also happens to be really really into Cher. Their interaction forces him to face himself, and for the first time in his life, he makes a real human connection. Little does he know, Gina owes money to some very bad people, throwing Sal into a life or death confrontation with a local mafia soldier. Can Sal and Gina live happily ever after, or will his first love be his undoing?
Love In the Time Of Chlamydia
One woman's search for love in a world filled with absent fathers, premature ejaculators, alcohol, and venereal disease.
Lunchtime at Westfield High
High School can be tough when you text the wrong person a picture of your boob.
The play follows Mia non-linearly from teenager to mid-life as she navigates her self-destructive urges and fate flings her and those around her in directions they’d never imagined. How do we end up where we do and how do we move forward in our lives when we carry the pain of the past? Lush moves forward and backward in time opening with Mia’s life out of control. It's right after September 11th, she's being evicted, and she spills her cocaine all over the restroom floor at her 10-year high school reunion. An out-of-work soap actress, she's moonlighting as a fake psychic who pretends to see across time, even as she struggles to understand her current circumstance. In the past she was traumatized by the death of her friends in a drunken car crash. In the future she’ll marry Johnny who’d traveled to Vegas to sell a guitar for $15,000 to Bobby, who Johnny discovers is his father, who was gifted the guitar by Elvis, and stolen by Bobby’s wife Loretta when she leaves him in Nashville. Like a DNA helix their lives entwine. Can we stop the future from happening?
Mary Jane's Last Dance
It's the 90s and someone is getting their first hickey at a Tom Petty concert.
Mikey, an Iraq-War vet suffering from PTSD, is back home in his blue collar New Jersey town to find that his mom’s house is being foreclosed on and only twenty thousand dollars can save it. Unable to find employment he heads to the bar to drown his sorrows. There he meets the bartender, Gina, who not only offers him his first human connection in years, but an illicit opportunity to get the money he needs to save his house. Problem is, her boyfriend, Eddie, is in the way, and oh yeah, it’s his money… Mikey survived the war, but can he survive small town life, heroin addiction, home foreclosure, a slutty sister, falling in love, and an asshole who has the girl of his dreams?
Jimmy loses his job as a reporter at the Philadelphia Times on the same day that a train carrying toxic chemicals derails in his hometown in New Jersey. To survive, he takes a job pumping gas at the station that his dad manages, where he learns that big oil interests and the health of people in his hometown collide in ways he never expected. This play examines the disenfranchisement of the working class, the role of press in society, corporate greed, and the continuing chemical and toxic waste incidents that threaten American communities today.
The Belle of Belmar
A coming-of-age story about Denise, an aspiring marine biologist and her best friend Crystal, who has a disability, navigating prom as outcasts searching for both independence and inclusion. Earlier in the school year Denise was a victim of an acquaintance rape by two of her classmates. Added to the mix is Denise's mother, Lorna, who is just one more online purchase away from fixing her life, and Mikey, Denise's ex-best friend with a big secret to hide. This is a provoking and humorous story about how we choose to move forward in our lives.
Things To Do In New Jersey
A girl returns from her first year at college to a hometown party where she comes face to face with the high school crush that rejected her, causing emotions of the past and present to collide.

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