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About Face
In an abandoned gothic library adorned with gargoyles and grotesques, a group of young people meet - apparently for choir practice. Soon however, it becomes apparent that singing is merely a facade. For Tarwater and Jonah want to track down the missing Morgan Bequest, some twenty thousand volumes donated to the university when the library closed. They want to reclaim the books or, if the university has destroyed them, expose those responsible. But how? The enigmatic Haphazard suggests they need an act of God...
Blood Orange
Explores the issues of body, health, identity in a loose narrative style. It was written to be performed in four languages; Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian and English. Three characters, Kim, Nadya and Tessa meeting to plan the birthday celebration for an absent fourth friend, Krystyna.
Cold Harvest
Explores the rites of passage and dilemmas of an Australian-born second generation of migrants - those caught in the cross-fire between then and now, there and here, us and them. The play follows the negotiations Kasia and Yong-su make across culture, language, memory, family secrets and national histories as they attempt to understand the Cold War politics of their parents' generation; attempt to reconcile a polarised past with a culturally diverse present.
Connie And Kevin And The Secret Life Of Groceries
In the busy international food court of a city mall, Connie, a young sandwich stall worker, sings along to schmaltzy tunes and fantasises a romance with the young man who works at the Korean food counter. Knowing nothing about him, not even his name, she calls him Ki-sung. In between comments on Internet spam and racism in Australia, Kevin, the object of Connie's dreaming, imagines an encounter with the sandwich stall girl. Not knowing her name, he calls her Coralie.
Cue the Chorus
‘Sally Banner might say that all she wants is to be “a great actress and a great writer”, but I’m not convinced that is all she wants. At the very least, her literary desires are bound up with other more earthy desires. She wants to be loved; she wants sex; she wants attention; she wants male attention; she wants men to be dazzled by her beauty, her sensuality, the suppleness and daring of her intellect.’ - Noëlle Janaczewska
A lesbian love affair between the Polish-born Zosia and the Australian Zoe invokes a powerful reconsideration of the boundaries placed around ethnicity and nationality, cyberspace and real time, and the past and the present.
Mrs Petrov's Shoe
Anna Lubansky shoots to prominence with her first novel 'Mrs Petrov's Shoe', the emotional narrative of a nine-year-old girl's struggle to reconcile her Australian reality with her parents' Central European heritage. Set in the Cold War era of the early 1960s, and promoted as heavily autobiographical, the book garners a harvest of awards, and Anna's multicultural star is shining brightly in the literary firmament -- until the real fiction is uncovered ... Unfolding in four distinct parts, the play jumps between fiction and reality, past and present, telling a tale of self-representation and cultural identity, framed by a literary hoax.
Slowianska Street
A voice-play about history and memory organized around two specific events: the Second World War and the post-Glasnost opening up of economic and political frontiers. A portrait of a city street somewhere in Eastern/ Central Europe, the geography of Slowianska Street is deliberately imprecise, and the hybrid names of its former residents derive from a number of different languages, religions, cultures and nationalities. Cast number is 4 or more, and gender of performers can be varied.
Maxine Novak is arrested following a drunken brawl. The story hits the headlines. The champion swimmer’s future hangs in the balance. Everyone has an opinion and something to say about teenage drinking. But investigative reports, government initiatives and academic research tell only a part of the story of Australia’s uneasy relationship with alcohol—and its nexus with sport. The play explores the different attitudes of young people to their use of alcohol and the phenomenon the media have dubbed ‘binge drinking’.
About different cultural notions of love and how the law does, or doesn't, accommodate cultural diversity. What happens when one person's culture is another's crime? Koua Neng Vang, a Hmong migrant is accused of raping Chan, a young textile designer. Was it sexual assault? Or did Koua recognise, in Chan's confused signals, the enduring rituals of courtship?
The Butcher's Wife
When she married Luke Harris, Sopoline thought she'd escaped her past. Here she's Mrs. Harris, a country town butcher's wife, and Cambodia seems a long way away. Until Luke's mysterious disappearance prompts an investigation. Sopoline's response to her husband vanishing puzzles local policeman, Gan. So he seeks the advice of his sister Callie - recently returned from a long and gruelling stint as an aid worker. Callie however, is struggling with her own ghosts. Meanwhile, Sopoline has an unexpected visitor in the form of the Naga: a mythical water serpent. As Gan finds himself increasingly drawn to the enigmatic Sopoline, his mother's growing blindness causes tension with his sister - who is beginning to suspect that there might be dark secrets in the butcher's wife's Cambodian past.
The Marie Curie Chat Show
Explores the theme of women and science. It takes an oblique, and sometimes surreal, look at the history and philosophy of science to raise questions about the ways we construct value and gender forms of knowledge. What are the relationships between fact and fiction, rationality and intuition, science and poetry? And what have been the contributions and roles played by female scientists- past and present, locally and internationally?
Third Person
Berlin in the bitterly cold winter of 1946/7. The city is in ruins, its future uncertain. It is a place of refugees, soldiers, rubblewomen and trauma. Black marketeer, Anton, wants to get out before his past catches up with him. He needs Portia’s help. She has lost everything except her faith—in the law. Meanwhile Jessekah returns to father’s house to find it occupied by someone else ...
This Territory
The play centres on a violent incident witnessed by a large group of young people, but they disagree about its details and their significance. In trying to get the story straight, the characters start to navigate relationships across the boundaries of ethnicity, gender, education and prejudice. They are Australia - a hotbed of cultures, and they are on fire.
Yungaburra Road
In words, rhythms and song, Yungaburra Road explores the ways violence (and the silence that surrounds it) touches and shapes the lives of six people who live and work on Yungaburra Road in Sydney's West.

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