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A Talent for Murder
About an internationally successful mystery novelist whose relatives wouldn't mind killing her to get their hands on her art collection.
Barnaby and Me
About a girl and her talking koala who are pursued by criminals.
How to Commit Marriage
Nancy, the 19-year-old daughter of Frank and Elaine Benson, wants to marry David, the 20-year-old son of Oliver Poe (Jackie Gleason). What the bride doesn't know is that her parents are about to get a divorce. Poe, a music promoter, has a hunch something is amiss. He doesn't want the kids to get married, so before the wedding he exposes the Bensons' secret. Nancy and David decide marriage isn't necessary. They will live together instead, travel around the country with a rock band and heed the advice and wisdom of a Hindu mystic called the Baba Zeba.
I Will, I Will... for Now
The marriage of Les and Katie Bingham is in big trouble. They've already split up once, and now they're giving it one more try, but the bedroom of their New York apartment is not a happy place. Les finds her too cold. Katie finds him too fast. The Binghams weigh the opinions of lawyer Lou, who also has a romantic interest in Katie. There's also temptation for Les in the form of sexy neighbor Jackie, who gives him a copy of "The Joy of Sex" as a gift. But as soon as he tries out one of the positions in it, Les throws out his back. The couple takes one last desperate try to revive their passion and save their relationship. They travel to California to join a sex-therapy group, where much goes wrong, but all ends well.
Keep Off the Grass
Li'l Abner
Dogpatch is threatened and can its citizens save it? And will Daisy Mae ever get Li'l Abner?
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
Jim Blandings, a bright account executive in the advertising business, lives with his wife Muriel and two daughters, Betsy and Joan, in a cramped New York apartment. Muriel secretly plans to knock out a wall and remodel their apartment for $7,000 or $73,000 in 2017 dollars. After rejecting this idea, Jim Blandings comes across an ad for new homes in Connecticut and they get excited about moving. Planning to purchase and "fix up" an old home, the couple contact a real estate agent, who uses them to unload "The Old Hackett Place" in fictional Lansdale County, Connecticut. It is a leaning, dilapidated, nearly 200-year old farmhouse on some 35 acres where General Gates stopped to water his horses during the Revolutionary War. The Blandings purchase the property for 5 times more than the going rate per acre for locals, provoking his friend/lawyer Bill Cole to chastise him for following his heart rather than his head.
Not with My Wife, You Don't!
During the Korean War, Italian nurse Lieutenant Julietta Perodi falls in love with two United States Air Force pilots, Col. Tom Ferris and Col. "Tank" Martin. "Julie" marries Ferris after he convinces her that his friend, "Tank" has been killed in an aircraft crash. She soon discovers that Martin is alive, but remains happily married to Ferris until, Martin, her former love, re-enters their lives 14 years later.
The Court Jester
Set in medieval England, the plot concerns the struggle to restore to the throne the rightful heir, a baby with a distinguishing birthmark, the purple pimpernel on his posterior. Danny Kaye plays Hubert Hawkins, an ex-carnival entertainer who becomes minstrel to the Black Fox, a Robin Hood-type character who leads a band of rebels in the forest in support of the true infant-king. The usurping King Roderick wishes his daughter, Princess Gwendolyn, to marry his neighbour, Sir Griswold of MacElwain, and to enlist Griswold's aid against the band of forest rebels. Princess Gwendolyn refuses, since she dreams of a more handsome, gallant lover, and her personal maid Griselda, who is a witch, has predicted that her true love will arrive at the castle to court her. The Griswold marriage plan also displeases Lord Ravenhurst, who fears that Griswold's presence may cost him his privileged position with the king.
The Facts of Life
As the yearly vacation of six neighbors, the Gilberts, Masons, and Weavers, approaches, Kitty Weaver and Larry Gilbert find themselves frustrated with the routine. When both their spouses are kept away from the vacation, Kitty and Larry find themselves alone in Acapulco, with the Masons bedridden with illness. Forced together, Kitty and Larry fall in love. Once the vacation is over, however, they have difficulties in either abandoning or continuing their romance.
The Road to Hong Kong
The story is told in flashback as Diane explains to American Intelligence how transmissions from passengers picked up from a missile to the moon are by Americans rather than Russians. Harry Turner and Chester Babcock are defrauding people in Calcutta by selling a "Do-it-yourself interplanetary flight kit" that ends up injuring Chester, giving him amnesia. An Indian doctor says the only way for Chester's amnesia to be cured is through help from monks in a lamasery in Tibet.
White Christmas
On Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in Europe, two World War II U.S. Army soldiers, one a Broadway entertainer, Captain Bob Wallace, the other an aspiring entertainer, Private Phil Davis , perform for the 151st Division. But, word has come down that their beloved commanding officer, Major General Thomas F. Waverly, is being relieved of his command. He arrives for the end of the show and delivers an emotional farewell. The men give him a rousing send-off. At the end of the performance, everyone is forced to take cover from an aerial bombing run. One bomb knocks over a partially-destroyed building, but Bob is too busy shouting orders to notice. Phil throws him out of the way and his arm is injured by debris. Bob later visits Phil at a field hospital and thanks the private for saving his life. When Bob offers a favor to repay the debt, Phil shows him a duet he wrote and asks to perform with Bob back in New York City. Feeling obligated by Phil's heroism, Bob agrees.

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