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Maria's Field (Марьино поле)
The play was inspired grandmother, Anafisa, and others like her whose husbands were declared "missing" during war and who still hoped for their return. It explores the fate of three 100-year-old women on a journey through a Russian forest, encountering figures from their own past and from 20th century Russian history.
Russkaya Narodnaya Pochta ( Русская народная почта)
The play follows impoverished Russian pensioner Ivan Zhukov on his descent into madness. He engages in fanciful correspondence, writing letters to important world figures (living, dead, and fictional) and then writes replies to himself on their behalf.

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Oleg Bogaev

Oleg Bogaev s-a nascut la data de 15 iunie 1970 in , Rusia.

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