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Private Jokes, Public Places
A disturbing and humorous glimpse inside the contemporary world of architecture. Margaret, a young Korean-American student, presents her thesis for a public swimming pool to an all-male jury of famous architects. This simple premise is a jumping-off point for a facile examination of academia, intellectual pretension and the failure of postmodernist culture. The play asks compelling questions about the state of the male-female power struggle, fears of disrupting the status quo and ultimately the importance of challenging tradition.
The Bilbao Effect
A world-famous architect faces censure by the American Institute of Architects, following accusations that his urban redevelopment project for Staten Island has led to a woman's suicide. The play explores whether architecture has become more of an art than a profession, and at what point the ethics of one field violate the principles of the other.
The Last Word...
Henry Grunwald is a Viennese Jew who fled the Nazis and became a successful New York advertising executive. Now retired and nearly blind, Henry is determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a playwright. When young Len Artz, also an aspiring playwright, applies for a position as Henry's assistant, their job interview quickly expands into a fierce and acrimonious intellectual debate, with Henry as the avid advocate of Eurocentrism and Len as the impassioned defender of experimentalism. This smart two-hander is a thought-provoking comedy about loyalty, dreams and the fear of failure.

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Oren Safdie

Oren Safdie s-a nascut la data de 20 aprilie 1965 in Montreal -Quebec, Canada.

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