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After her sister has been murdered by her lesbian lover a woman has to learn how to grieve.
Atomic Life
A lesbian couple move to a small town. The receive a gift of a box of chocolates which they are suspicious about.
Ein Berliner
Chad, a faded collegiate track star, has used his looks to land a rich wife and a comfy, but vacuous Connecticut life. The night before moving with her to Germany, Chad’s feckless childhood buddy, Jake, reappears to offer him one last shot at salvation.
Next Paris
A Korean-American family falls apart when the father is arrested for indecency in a public place.
The Kimono Project
At a swanky dinner party at his island home Dennis Teague, a coal executive, plans to enlist the help of another coal company exec in his fight to reverse global warming not by reducing emissions, but by altering the Earth’s climate through a geoengineering venture, dubbed “The Kimono Project.” Unfortunately a few problems get in the way of his scheme: a cheating wife, an industrial spy, an insubordinate maid/undercover guerrilla filmmaker, and, looming above them all, a deadly volcano threatening to erupt.
Yellow Peril 3.0
An Asian American student gets caught up in a violent confrontation.

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Patricia Jang

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