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Aladdin and his mother, Widow Twankey, are poor and their future at the laundry looks bleak until their luck changes with the arrival of villain, Abanazar who uses Aladdin to retrieve the magic lamp from a cave where it has languished for many years. When Aladdin rubs the lamp the genie appears and makes his wishes come true. Aladdin falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmin, whose face he is supposed never to look upon. She is about to be married at the Sultan's command, against her wishes.
C - A Musical
C – A Musical is a constantly surprising experience: part musical, part poetry, part piano sonata, part cabaret, part memoir, part fantasy, all combined in a funny, moving and irreverent show, bubbling with good nature.
Monarchy - The Musical
"Monarchy unpicks the rich tapestry of royal history, laying bare the lives of all the great monarchs, and their famous - and infamous - consorts, lovers and rivals. From 802AD to the present day they are all there - the Kings & Queens: Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, all the Henries, Edwards, Georges and both Elizabeths, and all of the famous females like Eleanor of Aquitaine, Mary Queen of Scots, Nell Gwyn and the infamous Mrs Simpson.
Red Riding Hood
A wolf has escaped from Wellington Zoo and is on the loose in the Karori Sanctuary - thanks to the bungling efforts of a couple of failed List MPs on work experience. He's dangerous, and must be caught - and before the next full moon. Meanwhile, Sir Roger Bounder, the evil property developer has other designs on this prime piece of real estate, and Grandma's small adjoining cottage ...
Rome - the Musical
Welcome to the Caesars! And a Roman feast of power, politics and intrigue. ROME The Musical condenses the life and death of Julius Caesar into one evening.The creators of Troy and Monarchy complete their trilogy of historical musicals with a wildly inaccurate romp through the Roman Empire as the events of decades are condensed into the space of just one evening, when Julius Caesar hosts a dinner party where the guests include Brutus, Mark Antony and Cleopatra.
The Nero Show
It is 1963, and a live TV show is about to be broadcast from Nero's mansion, hosted by Seneca, the well known philosopher and TV personality. Rome's most infamous Emperor has been dropped squarely into the life and times of the glamorous 1960s and the story of his rise and fall begins to look all too familiar.
Three people you'd rather not meet; three conversations you'd rather not have; three stories you have to hear...
Troy - The Musical
about the events and characters before, during and after the Trojan War. A smart and saucy romp through the classics, Troy The Musical has it all - toe tapping rhythms, catchy lyrics, soaring sensual love songs, waltzes, charlestons and tangos. The cast of actors and singers play over 30 characters. This hilarious musical is full of some of the greatest stories in the world. It's full of love, courage, desperate deeds and all those most human emotions that never go out of date.
Who Needs Sleep Anyway?
Father and daughter Roger and Pip Hall teamed up for the first time to write this witty and sometimes moving take on raising children. Written in revue-style, the narrator is a boisterous and bouncy oversized baby who subjects his parents to many a sleepless night and introduces us to Truby King and Plunket’s rich history.

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Paul Jenden

Paul Jenden s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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