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A Pirate Xmas
It’s Christmas Eve and White Beard and his elf helpers, Dotodak & Dotolit, are worried as they have to deliver presents to all little pirates, but they haven’t been bad enough. And, to make matters worse, Black Bart and his crew on the Raven and Captain Bonny and her crew on the Silver Shadow are after White Beard and his booty. But wait, some one has requested a big cuddly? This is not piratety, no one has ever requested a big cuddly before!
King John
King Richard has died and his brother John has taken over, Robin Hood has been executed. The Sheriff of Nottingham and his side-kick, Sir Guy of Gisborne raise taxes and generally upsets all those previously loyal to King Richard. Things are looking very bleak Fulk Fitzwaren and Lady Marian of Little Dunmow intervene. Join us in the drama of the “Magna Carta” as Queen Isabella, and her daughters battle their wits against the foresters.
Rosie and Mr Pinstripe
Set in Prohibition-era New York City, this colorful, swinging musical features the likes of Fast Eddie, a local mob boss, Rosie the dancer who’s just returned from Hollywood and is about to open her own club called The Ritz, and Jimmy the Gentleman, aka Mr. Pinstripe, who’s just gotten out of jail. Dreams are at stake but there’s no honour among thieves... who will get their happy ending?
The Queen of Tarts
The story of the hunt for the thief who has stolen the Queen's own made tarts. Although the audience knows it is the Three Blind Mice, the evidence unearthed by the King and Knave of Hearts, and the army generals, the Dukes of Pork (Lord Bacon and Lord Trotter), points to Humpty Dumpty being the thief. After a search throughout the land, during which we meet other Nursery Rhyme characters, Humpty is arrested and put on trial. Eventually his innocence is proven and the chase begins to catch the real culprits.
Tombstone - A Dead Man's Hand!
A Western drama of love lost. Liberty draws first but it’s Dirk who fires. Liberty drops with a shot to the heart, he didn't have a chance. Dirk drops his gun in the dust of Tombstone, he goes to Liberty and checks his gun, there are no bullets. Dirk holds Liberty in his arms and he slowly drops his head as he realises his friend didn’t come back to fight but he came back to die. Liberty with his hand shaking goes to his pocket and pulls out 4 cards his hand drops to the ground and the cards fall out. There’s two black eights and two black aces. Liberty slumps down dead: it’s the Dead Man's Hand.

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Paul Percy

Paul Percy s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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