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Amulets Against the Dragon Forces
The action of the play takes place the in borough of Staten Island in the mid-50s. Mrs. Boyd, a divorced practical nurse, makes a living by caring for terminally ill patients, moving from house to house with her sensitive, lonely, teenage son, Chris. As the play begins Mrs. Boyd and Chris arrive at the home of Mrs. Dipardi, who is dying of cancer, and whose profane, hard-drinking son, Floyd, has alienated the neighborhood by flaunting his fondness for young boys and throwing noisy backyard parties. Suffocated by his over-protective mother and rejected by his absent father, Chris strikes up a friendship with Harold, a young hustler who has moved in with Floyd, but their relationship, like the others in the play, founders on the pervading bitterness and alienation which, inevitably, bring on a series of explosive and emotionally charged confrontations. Eventually Chris, unlike the others, does find the self-awareness—and courage—to overcome his circumstances and, as the play ends, the suggestion is strong that he will, in time, come to terms with the "dragons" that have beset, and shaped, his troubled youth.
And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little
Their father having deserted them in their childhood, the three Reardon sisters have grown up in a house of women, dominated by their mother, who is only recently dead. But time has erased the tender closeness of girlhood; one sister has married and cut herself off; another has begun to drink more than she should; and the third, after a scandalous incident at the school where she teaches, is on the brink of madness. When the married sister comes to dinner to press the need for committing her sibling to an institution, the simmering resentments of many years burst alive and are exacerbated by the intrusion of a well-meaning but boorish neighbor couple, whose unexpected arrival impels the action towards its shattering conclusion—in which all the pathos, humor and searing honesty of the play combine with overwhelming effect.
Efectul razelor gamma asupra anemonelor
Beatrice Hunsdorfer este înăsprită de eforturile pe care le face să își întrețină cele două fete.E neîngrijită și rea de gură. Ruth este drăguță și șireată, iar Matilda, fat ace mică, este excesiv de modestă și timidă dar are o inclinație intuitivă pentru știință. Încurajată de profesorul ei, face un experiment științific pentru care câștigă un premiu. Dar mama ei, prea plină de resentimentele vieții pe care o duce, geloasă nu acceptă succesul fiicei ei. Lecția piesei este că ceva frumosși important poate apare chiar și în condiții total neprielnice.
Every Seventeen Minutes the Crowd Goes Crazy!
A family of exuberant and startled kids are left to fend for themselves by their mother and father—who have taken off to pursue forever a life of betting at trotter racetracks and playing blackjack in Native American casinos! An expandable chorus punctuates with hilarious and stinging sound bites this highly theatrical and poignant legend of parental abdication.
Ladies at the Alamo
The setting is the lavish reception room of the new multi-million-dollar Alamo Theatre, a regional theatre complex that has grown from a small operation in a converted church to one of the glories of Texas culture. As the action begins we learn that the leadership of Dede Cooper, founder and artistic director of the Alamo, is being challenged, and the Chairman of the Board, a lady of great wealth and lust for power, is scheming to replace Dede with a fading Hollywood star. As the hour of the decisive board meeting nears, Dede and her supporters maneuver to outflank the opposition, and as the crisis point is reached the verbal battles and shocking revelations build to fever pitch. In the end no one is left unscathed; and while the insurrection is put down, the scars of battle will, it is clear, be long in healing.
Let Me Hear You Whisper
The action is set in the laboratory of the American Biological Association Development for the Advancement of Brain Analysis, where curious experiments involving various mammals are taking place. Helen, a newly engaged cleaning lady, is particularly drawn to a dolphin and is shocked when she learns that, having failed to "talk" as hoped for, it is slated for brain dissection. She makes a desperate attempt to rescue the dolphin from the scientists, incurring first their indignation and then, when the dolphin does indeed "talk" for Helen, their futile pleas that she change her mind about leaving and stay on to help them in their experiments. But the gentle Helen has had enough—both of "Custodial Engineering" and of schemes to change man's relationship to the other creatures with whom the world must be shared.
The Ladies Should be in Bed
Having invited some old friends for bridge, Elinore provides them with drinks while she attends to her ill and aged mother. But while she is gone their conversation reveals their real focus of interest—the mysterious man who occupies the abandoned building next door and who reputedly engages in sordid sexual doings with neighborhood young people. As the talk grows looser, hidden animosities and frustrations emerge, climaxing in a mindless, even cruel, prank, which, more than words, reveals the true natures of the "ladies." The play raises disturbing questions about those among us who are so quick to pass judgment on the actions of others.
The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild
In the tiny living quarters behind the Greenwich Village candy store which she operates with her husband, crowded with her forty-year collection of movie magazines, Mildred Wild has virtually escaped from reality into the dream world conjured up by the 3,000 movies she has eagerly devoured. And when the outside world does intrude—via her husband; his meddling sister; their hard-boiled landlady; the mincing butcher from next door; or the foreman of the wrecking crew sent to tear down the building—Mildred meets each crisis with a hilarious fantasy-scene drawn from her precious lode of old movies. As the action moves swiftly ahead to its delightfully unpredictable climax, Mildred's life is further complicated by such unlikely visitors as a bulldozer, a nun, King Kong, and a super efficient TV camera crew, all adding to the merriment and, ultimately, to the poignancy which infuses the play and the touching, funny escapades of its kooky, lovable and totally enchanting heroine.

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Paul Zindel s-a nascut la data de 15 mai 1936 in New York, SUA.

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