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4000 days
After a blood clot unexpectedly formed in his brain, Michael has been in a coma for three weeks. Watching over him in hospital is his bitter mother, Carol and his dull but well meaning partner, Paul. They are united in their grief over Michael and in their intense dislike of each other. When Michael wakes, they realise that 11 years of his memory has been completely erased. He remembers nothing of the last 4000 days. He remembers nothing of Paul. It is as though the relationship never existed. Paul must fight to bring Michael's memory back, while Carol fights to remove him from their lives completely. Michael, still charming and witty, concentrates his recovery on creating a giant mural on the back wall of his hospital room. An expression of his loss, his hopes, and his desire to live his life as the man he was 11 years ago. Not the man he has become.
The rise and fall of a fictional Boyband, told with dynamic energy, great humour, and the songs of Westlife, the Backstreet Boys, Take That, Boyzone, etc!
A great contemporary drama that strikes at the heart of the increasingly terrifying blur of the boundaries between art, life and entertainment.
End of the Rainbow
Judy Garland is staying in London, along with young new fiancé Mickey Deans and loyal friend and pianist Anthony, preparing for her five-week run of shows at The Talk of the Town. Garland hopes that her act will help her maintain her star profile, especially considering a recent string of bad press against her. However, she still struggles with both her drug addictions and her strained relationships with the men around her.
The hilarious true story of Florence Foster Jenkins - the worst singer in the world.
Just The Ticket
A full-length comedy for one woman, the show follows the fortunes of Susan,a loud and lonely eccentric, who embarks on a solo trip to Australia to celebrate her 60th birthday. Searching for love and surrounded by chaos, she takes us on a compelling 90 minute journey through her hilarious life.
Let It Snow
Saving Jason
Trevor and Linda are dysfunctional parents who find an unorthodox way of confronting the rebellion of their only son, Jason. Using 6 actors and 1 set, this is a funny, compelling and unusual look at parenthood, family and how we must all eventually face our demons..
The Canterville Ghost
A musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's story.
The Morning After
A modern comedy about love, sex and relationships.
The Nightingales
The hilarious, nostalgic, romantic story of an eccentric theatrical family in the 1950s.

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Peter Quilter

Peter Quilter s-a nascut la data de in Colchester -England, Marea Britanie.

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