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Follow Little Blue through adventures while he searches for his Mum. Suitable for 3-6 year olds.
Seasons explores the world of natures living creatures, sounds and colours. Suitable for early childhood audiences 3-6 years.
Songs of the Sea
Where did all the fish in the sea come from? Songs of the Sea provides some answers for young children in a great imaginaery water world. Using a kaleidoscope of puppetry, song and theatre illusion it unfolds the mysteries and myths of where the first fish came from.
Tale of a Dog
The show is circus-inspired and full of physical comedy to get the kids giggling, dreamy music, and all the tricks and action take place with the inside of the circus tent as the backdrop. Dog is a Dalmatian who works in the circus and longs to pep up his act with cheeky new tricks. Poor Dog is constantly thwarted by the Ring-mistress, who is obsessed with preserving the circus' tradition and will not allow her own performances to be upstaged by a dog...
The Farm at the End of the Road
Poor Farmer Mac lives at the top of a mountain and dreams of having a little farm where his crops will grow. He sets off with a pack and some seed to find a new farm. Along the way he helps an injured dog, two sheep destined for the butcher's and some chooks. By the time he finds the farm at the end of the road he has all he needs to live happily, and he loves and cares for his animals (except the rabbits, who continue to be a problem).

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Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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