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Summer. A wedding. The smoker’s deck. He’s trapped in a modern day malaise. She’s deciding whether to go back to London. So begins the relationship of two beautiful people trying to keep their heads above water as they transition between life phases. Fate throws them together but timing conspires to keep them apart. An unrequited romantic comedy, Ache is told through a series of vignettes and follows the lives of two urban professionals as they navigate their way through their ever-changing relationship and the world around them. Both achingly funny and heart-breakingly sad, the play is a modern love story about timing and seizing the day.
No Man's Land
Three monologues of women isolated by their situations. Past Tense has Iris, an elderly woman talking to Jeffrey while she goes through the ritual of making tea. In Cast Away, Kate, a professional woman with a young baby, is having trouble juggling a relationship, work and motherhood. Same Old is Tash, a young bogan, assessing her life after a fight with her boyfriend, planning to go overseas.
queen b
Sometime in the future, environmental changes have led to low fertility. Reproduction is managed by the state and has led to the queen bee syndrome, where one woman must do the breeding of many in return for money, status and power. A selection process is conducted by a technician: three women undergo testing to determine their suitability for queen b status.
Red Fish, Blue Fish
Tim is a big fish in a small pond, bored with his life as a high flying designer and his on again, off again relationship with his girlfriend. Janie is mentally disabled and lives in sheltered accommodation just down the road. The highlights of her life are her job sorting electrical components two days a week and her interest in goldfish. When the pair collide they form a friendship that surprises them both.
The play takes a contemporary look at the colourful underworld of Wellington's subcultures. Follow the lives of Sleezeboy, Polly and a cast of thousands as they slowly begin to realise all is not right with the world. What will people say and do when the big one hits? Do we get down on our knees and pray, or go out looting? A stylistic ensemble drama.
The 53rd Victim
Based on a true story. 2005. London is in chaos. Terrorists bomb morning commuters on their way to work. Death and destruction abound. Outside Tavistock Square, a New Zealand doctor boards an exploded double-decker bus and saves a number of lives. The media hail her as a hero – a bright, upstanding woman with everything going for her. Yet, two weeks later, the woman is dead and her reputation is in tatters - ‘the 53rd victim’ of the London bombings. Hero to victim in just two weeks - how does such a fall from grace occur so quickly? Because Rachel Brooke-Taylor was no doctor, and the subsequent enquiry into her act of heroism would unravel a fantastical life filled with self-delusion and deceit.
The Woman Who Loved A Mountain
Set in the 1800s, The Woman Who Loved A Mountain is a love story about Georgia, a teacher who comes out from England yearning for adventure and a different way of life. Her life is turned upside down when she falls in love with Mt Taranaki, who is personified as a man.
Up North
Childless couple Evelyn and Jimmy Davis live on a farm in the middle of nowhere in the 1950s. Times are tough. Financially stretched, they agree to foster a pregnant unwed teenager who has been shipped 'up north' to await the birth of her unplanned baby. Evie and Jimmy are initially judgmental, but Maggie proves to be a welcome breath of fresh air in their otherwise mundane lives. They soon discover they have more in common than just a love of dancing. Each are social outcasts in their own way, and they all harbour secrets and shattered dreams. And as the baby grows, the claustrophobic isolation paired with the community's crippling conformity gradually lead them all into temptation that will change their lives forever.
Who Needs Sleep Anyway?
Father and daughter Roger and Pip Hall teamed up for the first time to write this witty and sometimes moving take on raising children. Written in revue-style, the narrator is a boisterous and bouncy oversized baby who subjects his parents to many a sleepless night and introduces us to Truby King and Plunket’s rich history.

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Philippa "Pip" Hall s-a nascut la data de 1971 in , Noua Zeelandă.

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