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Eugénie and her aunt, Madame Murer, have come to London from their native Wales. They are accompanied by Eugénie's father Baron Hartley, who believes they're in town on business. In fact, Eugénie has secretly married The Earl of Clarendon and has come to visit him; they are staying in the Earl's petite maison, near his palace. Eugénie is dismayed that the Earl has gone out of town despite knowing about their plans to visit. Madame Murer tries to reassure Eugénie that noblemen like the Earl simply have busy schedules. Eugénie is even more concerned because she is already pregnant, and still hasn't told her father about her marriage, due to the insistence of Madame Murer and the Earl that it should be kept a secret. The Baron has even started to prepare an arranged marriage for her to someone else—an old military man by the name of Cowerly.
Nunta lui Figaro (La Folle journée ou Le Mariage de Figaro)
Mama vinovată (La mère coupable)
The action takes place twenty years after the previous play in the trilogy, The Marriage of Figaro. The story's premise is that several years ago, while the Count was away on a long business trip, the Countess and Chérubin spent a night together. When the Countess told Chérubin that what they did was wrong and that she could never see him again, he went away to war and intentionally let himself be mortally wounded on the field. As he lay dying, he wrote a final letter to the Countess, declaring his love and regrets, and making mention of all the things they had done. The Countess did not have the heart to throw away the letter, and instead had a special box supplied by an Irishman called Bégearss, with a secret compartment in which to store the incriminating note, so the Count would never find it. Soon after, to her dismay, the Countess discovered herself pregnant with Chérubin's child.
Bărbierul din Sevilla (Le barbier de Séville)
Peripeţiile hazlii ale contelui Almaviva îndragostit de tânăra şi frumoasa Rosina, pe care reuşeşte în cele din urmă să o ia de soţie, ca urmare a întâmplărilor puse la cale de iscusitul Figaro.

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Pierre Beaumarchais

Pierre Beaumarchais s-a nascut la data de 24 ianuarie 1732 in Paris, Franta.

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