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Checkout Chicks
A fast paced, high-energy musical comedy that celebrates loving your job. Tashandra hates the pressures of exams, university and career choice. In her bid to save Shop’n’Pay, Paru Bay’s locally owned struggling supermarket, Tashandra enters into the Checkout Operator of the Year Award. It is a last ditch effort to put Shop’n’Pay back on the map, and back up on its feet and help out the people she loves most. However, her mother has other ideas in store for her.
Alex and his mother Rosie don’t really get along and live separate lives online. Alex lives for gaming, his mother invents her social life through the internet. When Alex’s grandfather falls ill they have to face reality. Together. When an accident sucks them from the hospital ward into one of Alex’s games, Fablestory, they’re suddenly thrown from negotiating the daily grind to outwitting mythical creatures. This is not going to be a typical day.
This is an absurdist broad black comedy that looks at the effectiveness of New Zealand’s penal system, through the eyes of Ed Kingi. Ed is trapped in a gloriously orange and tan clad 1970s mansion that heaves with gravy. Despite Al’s best efforts to push Ed into the outside world, Aunty’s cooking and Sonny’s brittle health keep Ed locked in the misty-eyed homestead. But when Doug drops in, uninvited, Ed is forced to make a decision he has been putting off for 15 years.

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Rachel Callinan

Rachel Callinan s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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