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Chairs and Tables
The story of a dangerous friendship. Alix has once again arrived to disrupt Susan's life and refresh her memories.
Chairs and Tables Crackpot For Love and Money Geometry Home for the Funeral Knock, Knock
When Harry Fryer, the local Liberal candidate, knocks on yet one more door, he is pulled inside by two women who insist he is their just deceased sister's lover. After a time, Harry begins to think they may be right and he is not himself at all.
Based on the novel by Adele Wiseman, the play is a warm-hearted tale about family, faith, love and courage in the face of hardship.
For Love and Money
Howie and Jane have been married for 33 years. On this particular evening, Howie is going to tell Jane that he is leaving her. Jane looks back on scenes from the marriage, eventually coming to a place where she must think her way through to a future on her own.
A comedy of manners set in a private school in which a new teacher arrives and is made to feel welcome, not realizing that he is nothing more than a new toy that will be discarded when the novelty wears off.
Home for the Funeral
A family comes together for the father's funeral at the point where one son has decided to leave his wife. Mayhem and mourning.
Lois After Death
During an afternoon affair in a motel, Lois has a heart attack. As she hovers between life and death, God allows her to see what's happening at home and gives her the choice.
Love and Ruins
Celine and Brad have gone to Mexico for a romantic few days. Brad wants Celine to leave her husband and live with him. The Mayan ruins and strange jungle voices affect them differently and a chance earthquake makes anything possible.
Twenty-One Days
When the children come back to the old country to visit their parents, family jeolousies re-surface.

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