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Beards! Beards! Beards!
From Charles Darwin to Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx to Mr Twit, it is said that the secret to power and greatness is all in the size and shape of the beard. This is a tale of one young girl’s increasingly inventive efforts to grow the world’s most magnificent beard. Armed with bubble bath and canned spaghetti, join a madcap and hilarious musical romp as our plucky young heroine shakes up social rules and attempts to answer the questions that have puzzled mankind since the dawn of the beard.
Broken River
In a South Island township a storm is brewing. A controversial irrigation scheme threatens to transform the landscape and a local farm is spearheading the conversion. The community is divided: on one side is the river, which will be lost if the district goes dairy, on the other side the prosperity that is promised by greener pastures. Water is big business ¾ and someone stands to make a killing. When a mysterious stranger appears on the riverbed — soaking wet and silent — the tensions in the community are pushed to breaking point. Nobody knows where he came from, and nobody knows what he wants. As accusations of complicity fly between the farmers and environmentalists, the conflict shifts from strong words to dangerous actions. It is only a matter of time before the levee's going to break…
Second Afterlife
Dan has done it all – Facebook, Bebo, Warcraft, that unfortunate foray on NZDating. Profiles, used and deleted. Now he’s ready to reinvent himself. It’s time for a new profile. However, there’s a hitch. In order to forge a new identity, Dan has to face up to his internet history: the Bebo emo, Warcraft gamer, and NZDating casanova. They’re cooler, savvier, and shot from more flattering angles. And they’re not going down without a fight. Second Afterlife is a dark comedy about life (and death) in the digital age.
The Engine Room
The play weaves together three major events coinciding in New Zealand in 2011: our 50th general election, the Rugby World Cup, and, significantly, the 30th anniversary of the controversial 1981 Springbok Tour. The ‘81 tour has become recognised as a turning point in our history, something we hold up alongside events such as Women’s Suffrage and Gallipoli. Through the lens of the 2008 general election the weight placed on past events and decisions at both a national and personal level is explored.

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Ralph McCubbin Howell

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