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Bang Bang Beirut
An outrageously funny fame set in the lobby and courtyard of a small hotel in the Middle East, where a group of British undercover agents (in a variety of unlikely disguises) arc trying to weather a local military coup, while devising a plan to smuggle a young native prince out of danger. The bungling spies arouse the suspicions of the meal military and we are off on a mad whirl of double-takes, sliding panels, missing bodies and mistaken identities - the perfect ingredients for a fast-moving and hilarious evening's entertainment.
Bend Over Boys!
Caught in the Net
This play is a sequel to RUN FOR YOUR WIFE. We find John Smith eighteen years later, still happily married to his two unsuspecting wives. He now has a sixteen-year old son, Gavin, by Barbara in Streatham, and a fifteen-year old daughter, Vicki, by Mary in Wimbledon. One day Gavin and Vicki happen to meet surfing the internet and are amazed at the coincidences concerning their respective (!) fathers: both are called 'John Smith'; both are aged 43; and, surprise, surprise, both are taxi drivers. Vicki can't understand her Dad's vehement reaction when she tells him, firstly, of the amazing coincidence and, secondly, that she's invited Gavin round to meet him and Mum, John spends the next two hours attempting to stop the inevitable. CAUGHT IN THE NET received a marvellous reception at the Vaudeville Theatre in London's West End, where the critics received it with absolute delight: 'It's sheer joy from beginning to end', 'It has been a while since I cried laughing at the theatre, and what a joy it is when it happens'
Chase Me, Comrade!
Holding a top secret post in the Ministry of Defense, Commander Rimmington, of Her Majesty's Navy, must watch appearances, and he is not always pleased by the carryings-on of his impulsive daughter, Nancy. Her latest escapade begins when her friend, ballerina Alicia Courtney, arrives breathlessly to announce that the great Russian dancer, Petrovyan, has decided to defect to the West-and that she has smuggled him out of London in the trunk of the Commander's car. The first question is how to distract the Commander while Petrovyan is sneaked into the house, but then, after the Commander goes off fishing, the problems really begin to mount. An official appears with a coded message for the Commander and, in an attempt to get rid of him quickly, the Commander is impersonated by Nancy's fiance, Gerry Buss. As they try to hide Petrovyan, the trumped-up stories and assumed identities mushroom hilariously, while agents from the Russian embassy lurk outside in the bushes, the local constable blunders in at the wrong ti
Pornind de la moartea lui Elvis Presley, piesa povestește aspecte legate de tineretea, cariera și problemele din viața lui.
Funny Money
Henry Perkins finds that he picked up a briefcase similar to his own, which contains £735.000 in bank notes. He reasons that this amount of cash is ‘hot’ and would not be reported to the authorities. With this premise, a hilarious and riotous tale unfolds, as he plans and plots his future.
Her Royal Highness ?
The successful formula of one actor playing dual roles is repeated in this collaboration with Royce Ryton. This gift of a part (two parts) for a young actress sees her doubling as Princess Diana and an up-front, outspoken Australia girl from the Outback. This comedy-drama purports to tell the 'true' story of Diana during the week before her wedding. The young bride-to-be loses courage and flees to a secret hideout. However, with all that is at stake, the wedding to Charles must go ahead - a 'double' for Diana has to be found and schooled within the week. The best look-alike is found in a shanty town in Australia! During the course of the next week the play charts a happy course between romantic comedy, thriller and drama.
It Runs In The Family
A madhouse filled with an epidemic of unbridled lunacy.
Amor cu repetiție (Move Over Mrs Markham)
Three sets of lovers all converge on a bedroom at the same time
My Giddy Aunt
An old woman is murdered causing an incongruous group to be trapped on an Indian tea Estate.
Not Now, Darling
The scene is the exclusive London fur salon of Bodley and Crouch, where Crouch (the well-meaning innocent) struggles to keep things on an even keel despite the energetic philandering of his partner. At the moment, Bodley is trying to secure the affections of his latest would-be mistress by "selling" her husband an expensive mink fur coat for a fraction of its real worth, and the stammering Crouch is saddled with the task of consummating the sale with a straight face. But, as luck would have it, the husband seizes the bargain coat as the perfect gift for his own mistress-whereupon the complications burgeon uproariously, with poor Crouch caught in the middle. Suspicious wives, mistaken identities, scantily clad girls clapped hurriedly into closets and a continuous barrage of rapid fire jokes all become part of the hilarious doings, as the action of the play bubbles along merrily right up to the final curtain when, miraculously and to the great relief of all concerned, everything somehow manages to work out as i
One For The Pot
Seemingly endless beneficiaries arrive to claim the money.
One Good Turn
Out Of Order
Acțiunea se desfășoară într-un hotel din Londra, unde ministrul Richard Willy își dă întâlnire cu secretara unui lider din opoziție, deși ar trebui să participe la o sesiune parlamentară importantă. Situația devine complicată pentru că în cameră descoperă cadavrul unui bărbat și raportarea acestui incident ar scoate la iveală relația de adulter dintre cei doi. Prin urmare ei se hotărăsc să ascundă corpul acestuia. Planurile lor vor fi date, în schimb, peste cap prin intervenția altor personaje ce transformă scena într-una plină de haz și suspans.
BIGAMUL I (Run For Your Wife)
Bigamous husband does his frantic best to keep his two wives from catastrophic meeting.
There Goes The Bride
About a young woman's forthcoming marriage and attitudes about premarital sex
Time's Up
Steven Tancred, is a young lawyer who, during hypnotherapy intended to cure his smoking, discovers a past life more exciting than his present one. As Johnny May, rookie hoodlum in the Prohibition-era gang of Bugs Moran, he falls for Ruby, Bugs's reluctant showgirl moll. As Steven, he is a decent chap with principles, engaged to his boss's daughter and destined for a long career in the family firm. Will his time-travelling exploits on Doctor Patel's couch lead him to rethink his choices?
Tom, Dick And Harry
Some really nasty body malarkey and a couple of Kosovan immigrants.
Two Into One
Bungled threesome antics in adjoining hotel suites
Who Were You With Last Night?
Piesa este in acelasi timp o farsă, o comedie de moravuri, o satiră politică. O succesiune ameţitoare de situaţii comice, fapt ce contribuie la realizarea unei comedii savuroase plină de răsturnari de situatie, în care apar personaje-surpriză.
Why Not Stay For Breakfast?
Period 1970, staid member of the establishment has hippies occupy above, pregnant women complicates proceedings.
Wife Begins at Forty
Husband returns to estranged wife who is ' sorting herself out' and discovers the flames of passion are not quite dead

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Ray Cooney

Ray Cooney s-a nascut la data de 30 mai 1932 in , Marea Britanie.

Dramaturg si actor, supranumit "maestrul farsei".

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