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A Supportive Wife Supports Her Wife
After an epic Valentine’s Day fail a ruthless managing editor decides to prove how much she loves her wife.
Becky and Tom
Becky Sawyer is tidying up after a class reunion to celebrate the beginning of the twentieth century. Her husband Tom is thrilled when his old friend Huck arrives. But Becky would rather leave some things in the past.
Cathy Haunts Catherine
Locked up in a room at Wuthering Heights, Catherine Linton must decide whether to get married in the morning. Her fellow prisoner Ellen tries to dissuade her. And so does her mother’s ghost.
Clash of the Delusions
For an assignment on helping the disadvantaged, Iris impersonates a teacher at a low-decile school. Lian and Bryce join the mission. Meanwhile, Fina, Joseph and Damon prepare a welcome home for Matiu, just back from LA with stars in his eyes.
Cobra v Tiger
Claws and fangs clash when a Chinese supermom confronts an Indian matriarch.
Ebook Meets Treebook
When an ebook tablet is left on a park bench, an old-fashioned paperback comes to the rescue.
Estella Expects a Lot
Estella is used to getting things her way. She doesn’t want a governess. If she must have one, it will be on her terms. Based on Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
Feline High-Rise Syndrome
Doug is trying to persuade Sandra to move into an inner city apartment building. She isn’t keen at all.
Female Scientists To The Rescue
Hypatia, Marie Curie and Marie-Anne Lavoisier use their wits to save the day.
Fingers and Toesies
An old-time vaudeville double act will do anything to land a gig.
Flight of the Cows
Two cows lead an idyllic life. They have a field of succulent grass—and humans to relieve them of their milk. What more could they possibly want?
I Love an Earthling
An intergalactic traveller has fallen in love with a human being. The way he plans to show it will literally make the earth move.
Kindness Pays
Brooke is a privileged student experiencing public transport for the first time. Her social conscience is in for quite a workout.
Lady Godiva Doesn't Ride Again
Conventry, England. 11th Century. Lady Godiva’s ride has made her famous and popular. But it has had the unintended consequence of publicly humiliating her husband. When the Earl makes a pathetic attempt at revenge, Godiva must decide how far she is prepared to go to save the marriage.
Margaret Thatcher Hits New Zealand
Set in 1990 the 13th Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh four years ago were a disaster. 32 countries stayed away. Now the 14th Games in Auckland look set to be a success. Nearly every eligible country is taking part. But that’s not enough for Margaret Thatcher. She wants more.
Next Door Nativity
Sal and Zeb are staying at an inn in Bethlehem. They manage to get the last available room- unlike the couple in the stable next door.
Nine Plays Wonder
Falling cats meets ambitious wife meets cautious stockbroker meets returning vagabond meets zealous patriot meets comic hoofer meets exasperated deity meets domineering manager meets threatened panda.
No Ballet
A dancer becomes involved in a politically incorrect casting dispute.
No Minuet
Marie Antoinette seeks reconciliation with the man who had her guillotined.

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Rex McGregor

Rex McGregor s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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