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A Turn For The Nurse
The deceased leaves fortune to the maid much to the family's distress.
Allocating Annie
A man inherits an orphan on the eve of his wedding consternation abounds when she turns out to be full grown and gorgeous with an infant in her arms.
Beauty And The Beast Really
Unexpected and hilarious twists make this version of the classic an entirely different romp for the whole family.
Bride Of Brackenloch!
A goofy spoof of all those gothic novels where the heroine is brought to the ancient manor by her handsome brooding groom.
But Why Bump Off Barnaby?
Late arriving police suspect everybody amidst secret treasure and mysterious limericks, as people keep vanishing.
Class Musical!
When ultra-feminist Professor Muriel Wiggins connives with the senior class girls to do a musical version of "Little Women" for Graduation weekend, she is unaware that ultra-chauvinist Professor Horace Treacher is likewise conniving with the senior class boys to do a musical version of "Helen of Troy" for the same weekend. When they discover that both shows are slated for the same slot, they can do nothing but perform "Little Women of Troy!!!"
Dracula: The Musical?
Melodramatic spoof on familiar vampire story, with music and singing. From book by Bran Stoker.
June Groom
In order to receive legacy recently married man must remain celibate.
Play On!
The author attempts to stage a play lead to continuous disasters for drama group.
Sing On
Sequel to Play On!, disaster prone theatre group find themselves in more dire straits.

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Rick Abbot

Rick Abbot s-a nascut la data de 6 mai 1931 in Chicago, Illinois, SUA.

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