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A Maze
There are two kinds of mazes: the kind where you try to get through and out the other side, and the kind where you try to get to the center. A teenage girl recreates her identity after eight years held captive in a suburban basement; a band remakes itself post-rehab and post-hit-song; a self-taught artist gains a cult following for his 15,000-page comic book.
Ilona Waxman, a former intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, is missing. This puts congressman Dan Ferris (D-Ca.) in an awkward position. His response puts his children, Alma and Avery, in an even more awkward position. They search for the truth by taking on the voices of Dan and Ilona, improvising a drama of loyalty, seduction, and betrayal. Overhearing them, Monica Lewinsky interrupts.
Green Zone
Lt. Julian Howard is the son of Gen. Garland Howard, the first African-American Secretary of State. That’s only one of his problems. He’s stationed in Baghdad, his boyfriend is an officer in the Iraqi Security Forces, mercenaries from Tajikistan and Schenectady are running amuck, there may or may not be a woman with a bomb strapped to her chest hiding in his office, and his dad has shown up to bring him home.
Millicent Scowlworthy
A girl found murdered in the cellar on Christmas morning. A massacre at the high school. The grownups of the community want to forget, but the children have begun to meet in the middle of the night to remember. Nine teenagers gather at an overgrown memorial and reënact the story.

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