Piese de Robert Abney Jr

Killing Me Softly
A story about growing old gracefully
Loving Conversation
Conversations in bed by two people having an affair
Maybe We Should Call Ourselves I Don't Know
Centres around the collective dreams of four black men.
On The Verge Of The Lying Truth
The rebellion against and alternatives to the roles society sets up.
The Interview
Explores the distortion of the image of women by depicting them as sex objects.
The Liquor Store
Four drunks grope for direction and clarification of their purpose in life.
The Sofa
Conflict as a black man tries to choose between a black woman and a white "queen".
What Momma Don't See
Street wise truant youngsters discuss their already grown up lives.
What We Said Was
A search for answers concerning the inability to cope with death-oriented environment
Who's Driving This Bus?
Black school children misbehave on a bus and the consequential response.

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Robert Abney Jr

Robert Abney Jr s-a nascut la data de in , SUA.

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