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The series follows Amanda Vaughn, former high-school "Queen Bitch", a recently widowed mother of two, who returns to her hometown of Highland Park, Texas, an enclave of Dallas. Formerly rich, Amanda lost everything when her husband was exposed as stealing billions of dollars from investors and died in a car crash with his mistress.
Laws of Attraction
High-powered divorce attorneys Audrey Woods and Daniel Rafferty have seen love go wrong in many scenarios—so, how good could their own chances be? As two of the top divorce lawyers in New York, Audrey and Daniel are a study in opposites. She practises law strictly by the book; he seems to win by the seat of his pants, or by "cheap theatrics," as Audrey says in one scene. Soon the two lawyers are pitted against one other in several high-profile divorce cases, including a nasty public split between rock star Thorne Jamison and his dress-designer wife, Serena.
A backstage story of the cast and crew of a popular fictional television soap opera.
Magnolii de oțel (Steel Magnolias)
About the bond a group of women share in a small-town Southern community, and how they cope with the death of one of their own.
The Evening Star
Years have passed since the death of her daughter, Emma. Aurora Greenway is still her usual strong, willful self, but all is not well with the three grandchildren she raised after Emma's death, particularly eldest boy Tommy, who is serving time in jail on a drug charge. Younger grandson Teddy now has a girlfriend and a son. Melanie (who is both the youngest and the only girl out of the three grandkids), is all but grown and still living with Aurora at home but giving serious thought to moving out. Aurora's only true companion is housekeeper Rosie, particularly now that a man she's been spending time with, the General, is a friend, not a romance. Her late daughter's old friend, Patsy, still has a home in Houston and thinks of herself as Aurora's friend now, dispensing advice to Melanie, something that Aurora does not appreciate.
The First Wives Club
At Middlebury College in 1969, four young friends, Annie MacDuggan, Elise Elliot, Brenda Morelli, and Cynthia Swann, are graduating. Excited for the future and the potential it holds, the girls enthusiastically make a champagne toast celebrating their graduation as well as their friendship. As graduation gifts, valedictorian Cynthia presents the girls with matching Bulgari pearl necklaces. As the graduates take a commemorative picture of the four of them, Cynthia makes Annie, Brenda and Elise promise that they will always be there for each other throughout the remainder of their lives.

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Robert Harling

Robert Harling s-a nascut la data de 12 noiembrie 1951 in Natchitoches -Louisiana,, SUA.

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