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A Shortcut to Happiness
Russian migrant Natasha starts a folk dance class to supplement her earnings as a cleaner while she perfects her English. She is the polar opposite of the Kiwi stereotype; she is blunt and tactless and she doesn't see her new country through rose tinted glasses. The class attracts a group of senior misfits, two widows desperate to find an eligible man, a couple who fill their days with classes, and widower Ned. Sebastian, a handsome stranger, sweeps two of the women off their feet. Ned develops affection for Natasha. He is pure old school, a gentleman but no fool. They are destined for each other at the outset but some powerfully written scenes thwart our hopes and expectations.
A Way Of Life
The play follows a major strand of New Zealand’s twentieth century history, making this an important story for both reading and performance, for young people and adults alike. From the land ballots after World War One through to the diversification of tourism in the 1990s, this poignant portrayal of rural life reveals the fortunes of three generations of the McDonald family on their Hawke’s Bay farm.
After The Crash
heir funds heavily depleted following the Share market crash, the Keynes Avenue Social Club decides that real estate offers the quickest solution to restoring their fortunes - by buying and restoring an old house. Set in the late 1980s.
Aladdin and his mother, Widow Twankey, are poor and their future at the laundry looks bleak until their luck changes with the arrival of villain, Abanazar who uses Aladdin to retrieve the magic lamp from a cave where it has languished for many years. When Aladdin rubs the lamp the genie appears and makes his wishes come true. Aladdin falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmin, whose face he is supposed never to look upon. She is about to be married at the Sultan's command, against her wishes.
Book Ends
Every Tuesday morning the Cabin Fever Club meet for coffee at The Sour Dough Café. All gold-card holders, they are literary types: one former editor, one freelance writer, an actor, a novelist, a playwright and a formerly famous poet.
Bums On Seats
In this witty, warm book, often as funny as the best of his plays, Hall tells the appealing story of his life and his work. It is a revealing behind-the-scenes picture of both a remarkable writer at the height of his powers and of the fascinating process by which plays are created and performed.
By Degrees
Four very different women give accounts of their experiences of studying for university degrees as ‘mature students’ between 1987 and 1991. Their stories reflect New Zealand life during these times.
C'mon Black
Cow-cockie Dickie has never been off the farm to travel, but it's a World Cup Year (1995) for heaven's sake! Dickie sets off to South Africa on a supporters' tour to follow the best rugby team in the world, and to see them bring home the World Cup. With Jonah Lomu, Zinny and Fitzy on the team, how can they possibly lose? On his trip, Dickie encounters big games and big game; Zulus, Aucklanders and other foreign cultures; and learns a heap about himself.
Conjugal Rites
Genevieve and Barry have been married for twenty-one years, their children are leaving home, and they've each taken a lover. So it's time to take stock.
Dick Whittington and His Cat
In a bygone era, long ago, brave young Dick leaves his home town (of Hawera) with, of course, his cat! He is on his way to Wellington seeking fame and fortune. What adventures await him? He meets the mayor, falls in love, stows away, is shipwrecked on a tropical island and is forced to fight the evil King Rat. And no matter where he travels, Dick cannot shake off his mother - a "poor lonely widow woman". Pantomime.
Dirty Weekends
Gardening - New Zealand's favourite pastime. The jokes spring up like weeds, the situations tangle like clematis and the songs sparkle like hoses on a summer evening. We watch the horticultural frustrations of three Kiwi couples as they dig, fertilise, plant, prune and intrigue.
Dream Of Sussex Downs
Based on Chekhov's Three Sisters, but set in 1950's Wellington. Surrounded by realistic true-blue Kiwis, the three New Zealand sisters are constantly drawn back to 'home' - to England.
A full blooded melodrama set in Victorian England with resolute heroine, evil villain and brave hero.
Fifty Fifty
George, 54, cannot understand why his wife left him. She offered no real explanation and, in his terms, he had always treated her decently. The play looks at the problems of redundancy and unemployment, and by the end we may more fully understand the wife's decision.
Flexi Time
In the stores branch of a department of the Public Service in 1976, John, Hugh, Jim, Michael and good old Beryl are forced to work together on a daily basis in a job none of them likes. The clock ticks. The rain pelts down. The heaters don’t work. The phone rings. The in-tray overflows. Clipboards and circulars rule. And there’s a promotion to be had.
Footrot Flats
The comic strip style is retained within the story in which town versus country as Cheeky tries to lure Wal away from the farm. The familiar characters of Wal, Dog, Cheeky, Aunt Dolly, Horse, Cooch, Prince Charles, Dolores and others provide between them two hours of music and laughter.
Four Flat Whites in Italy
Venice! Rome! Tuscany! With a copy of Lonely Planet in one hand and an Italian phrase book in the other, recently retired librarians Adrian and Alison feel prepared to face the excitement of Italy in their longed-for trip. Travelling with your nearest and dearest is difficult enough…but with a couple you’ve only just met? This is OE for the over-fifties, when tensions can arise from sharing everything from the bathroom to the bill. And as for sharing the driving on the autostrada! With events from the past looming over their lives, and new excitements possibly just around the corner, the journey does indeed turn out to be the trip of a lifetime.
Glide Time
A ground breaking comedy, with serious undertones. Life in the stores board of a department of the NZ Public Service. The action covers one working day, though the day is spread over several weeks. The play examines the lives of those forced to work with each other every day in a job none of them likes.
Hot Water
To a Taupo bach during the Christmas holidays come holiday visitors - welcome and unwelcome - relatives, neighbours, a Rotary student from the US and Granny from the UK. Clive's hunting ambitions, combined with the offstage deer poachers, add mayhem to confusion - and this is no place for a honeymoon couple.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and his mother are in debt again! Their wicked landlady, Mrs Stilton and her side-kick Claud Back, are about to throw them out, and creditors are closing in. So, with nothing else left, Betsy, their beloved cow, must be sold. But Jack is in love (with the landlady's daughter, the lovely Paris) and instead of getting money, Jack accepts beans from a stranger .... magic beans! And soon he is up among the clouds in a wondrous land where there is a Goose that lays golden eggs, and, Fee Fie Fo Fum ... a Giant with a dangerous appetite!
Last Legs
Last Legs is set in an upmarket retirement community, the Cambridge, with a cast of recognisably funny characters. Outside of happy hour, bridge and mah-jong, our well-to-do seniors indulge in greed, jealousy, love and lust… not to mention their share of gossip, backstabbing and scandal! News that Bill English is to open a new wing of the Cambridge Retirement Village sparks a revolution among its residents. Though many want to turn on something special, others are less enthused and plan to stage a protest. Soon, new fractures appear along old fault lines, transforming the swanky facility into a hotbed of insurrection, intrigue and infidelity. Last Legs is a lethally funny black comedy about sex, death and politics with an irresistible appeal to the old and bold of heart.
Love Off The Shelf
John and his assistant, Mary, are working on a biography of a pre-Pre-Raphaelite rogue. A project with great literary merit, perhaps, but hardly a money-spinner. To keep the wolf from the door both John and Mary request, unbeknown to each other, instructions from True Love Publishers on how to write and sell romantic fiction. The play parodies every cliché of the romantic novel genre as the two stories come to life before our eyes - the interactions of their characters mirroring the ever-more-complicated relationship between John and Mary. Occasionally the fictional characters rebel against the constraints put upon them by their creators, but, in the end, despite the tongue-in-cheek treatment doled out by the authors, romance is the winner all round.
Making It Big
he rise and rise of Jane Wineberry, Southland's gift to country music, from Rotary to the Miss New Zealand Show and then all the way to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. The road to stardom is not always smooth, but finally Jane makes it to Gore.
Market Forces
John, Beryl, Hugh and Jim from Glide Time battle on in the Supply and Information Department of their State Owned Enterprise where they have to face up to one of those ruthless new-style administrators. The comfy world of the Stores Department is about to plummet head-on into the world of consultants, down-sizing, networking and all the mumbo-jumbo that the 90’s business world uses.
Middle Age Spread
Three couples attend a dinner none of them wants to be at. Colin is in his 40s and just been appointed as a principal. The play shows Colin's doubts and anxieties about his job and role as teacher.
Middle-Age Spread
Three middle-aged couples feel stuck in their routines and predictable way of life. These three-dimentional and relatable characters are sure to capture and entertain audiences.
Mr Punch
This dramatic life of Denis Glover was devised and compiled by Roger Hall from Glover's writings, letters and poems.
Multiple Choice
Margie Hughes, solo parent, considers that her son Paul is neither happy at school nor learning very much. She decides to take him out of school to teach him at home. Then the battles begin - with her ex-husband, her neighbours, and most of all with the school authorities.
Prisoners of Mother England
Subtitled 'New Zealand, 1958-1968, or Ten Years Hard', the play follows a group of English immigrants from their arrival in NZ till ten years later. Some enjoy the country and settle almost immediately; others hate it, and want to leave; and some have to return to England before they can be sure. There are two versions available, one with the addition of music.
Red Riding Hood
In the great tradition of panto, the story about an innocent Red Riding Hood, her widowed mother and short-sighted Grandmother, has received the legendary Hall special treatment. A wolf has escaped from Wellington Zoo and is on the loose in the Karori Sanctuary - thanks to the bungling efforts of a couple of failed List MPs on work experience. He's dangerous, and must be caught - and before the next full moon. Meanwhile, Sir Roger Bounder, the evil property developer has other designs on this prime piece of real estate, and Grandma's small adjoining cottage ...
Robin Hood
After upsetting the evil Sheriff's plans by winning the archery prize in a spectacular show of bowmanship, Robin has been accused of a trumped - up charge and declared an outlaw. Moving stealthily around the Town Belt, and taking refuge in Zealandia, Robin, Little John and Friar Tuck set out to restore good to the kingdom, robbing the rich to feed the poor, and raising the ransom to free King Richard – that is when Robin isn't mooning over the beautiful and mysterious Maid Marian. Meanwhile, his mother, Trelise Hood (dressmaker) - a "poor lonely widow woman" is busy running up very fetching outfits in the latest colour (green!), and trying to attract the attention of a future husband.
Social Climbers
A group of female teachers, plus one reluctantly accompanying daughter, embark on a weekend of bushwalking in the mountains to get away from it all! Torrential rains and a washed out bridge traps them in a hut together for three days. Two days in everything's chummy - sort of like high school camp. Three days in, they're definitely not happy campers. Will the rain ever stop? Will the resident hut ghost get them in the middle of the night? Or will they find out what true friendship really means? An insightful situation comedy about truth, consequences and unexpected revelation.
Spreading Out
A look at a kiwi family 30 years on as we revisit the characters from Roger Hall’s popular comedy Middle Age Spread. Colin and Elizabeth, now approaching 70, have retired to the Wairarapa and are living on a lifestyle block growing grapes. Three generations of the family gather for a few days to celebrate the New Year, when their old neighbours, Reg and Isobel, now living in Queensland, turn up unexpectedly and invite themselves to stay.
State Of The Play
A successful writer takes a weekend writing-for-the-stage school in a small town. A dentist, a creative dancer, a frustrated housewife, the local repertory whizz in a wheelchair and a cigarette ash, chalk-stained, had-it-with-the-little-sods teacher who came to make up the numbers, join the course.
Take A Chance On Me
Three women and three men who are, at that very moment, coming to grips with the realisation that their lives have been reduced to paying to attend singles dinners in the hope of meeting someone as desperate as themselves. Each has recently lost their spouse, either to death or to infidelity or simply boredom and has left them divorced of all self-belief and facing the complexities of a dating game where the rules have completely changed since they were young.
Taking Off
This poignant, funny, sensitive play follows four Kiwi women who are given a new lease on life as they head off to the other side of the world. Frankie wins second division Lotto and decides to leave her boring husband. Ruth, having slogged hard for years bringing up a family and supporting her husband on their farm, leaves him after she discovers he is having an affair. Jean, a loyal corporate employee is made redundant after 20 years service. Noline, having nursed her terminally ill husband for years, decides to take the trip they had planned together.
The Book Club
Genteel housewife and mother Deborah has an addiction. ‘I’m a bookaholic,’ she confesses. ‘I just can’t help myself.’ The spice of Deborah’s real life is her book club. For the women who take part, it’s a meeting of minds – and their very different lifestyles. For Deborah, the club is a chance to gather the juicy gossip of her friends’ lives and relationships. But when a famous author joins the group for a study session, Deborah’s own life suddenly switches from an old wives’ tale to the stuff of erotic fiction. The ensuing affair takes her love of linguistics to a whole new level.
The Hansard Show
A revue-style quirky history of NZ as seen through the Parliamentary debates from the inception of the House of Representatives. Debates on giving women the vote, the abolition of barmaids, the Tohunga Suppression Act - debates hilarious and horrific plus witty songs.
The Quiz
A student gets temporary work at a tobacco factory where his work mates insist he takes part in a quiz. The play is a study of the price paid for not conforming within a society that values only those who obey the rules. The price is horrific.
The Rose
The leader has acquired enormous power without people realising the dangers of this. A man decides to assassinate the leader. A chilling political statement.
The Share Club
A comedy looking at the lives, loves and games of eight starry-eyed people who have formed a neighbourhood share-club with the intention of making easy money. Set in 1986.
Where Would A Songwriter Be Without Love?
Who Needs Sleep Anyway?
Father and daughter Roger and Pip Hall teamed up for the first time to write this witty and sometimes moving take on raising children. Written in revue-style, the narrator is a boisterous and bouncy oversized baby who subjects his parents to many a sleepless night and introduces us to Truby King and Plunket’s rich history.
Who Wants to be 100? (Anyone Who's 99)
Welcome to the Regina Rest Home where the old boy's network is alive and kicking with a retired Q.C., an ex-All Black, a former university professor and a famous potter amongst the residents. Restless, irrepressible and determined to enjoy their twilight years they declare war on illness, old age, guilty wives, greedy off-spring and the quality of the catering!
You Can Always Hand Them Back
Cath is anxious to become a grandparent while they are still fit and healthy. And then ... the wonder of holding a small grand-daughter in her arms, was it only just the other day that she had held this new-born’s mother in her arms? There is the delight of the first overnight stay and pushing the pram in the park. The novelty wears off as three more grandchildren arrive through to the all frantic and punishingly hard work The best thing is watching this delightful musical romp going through the pleasure and pitfalls of growing old and being a grandparent. This show will have you laughing out loud at the inevitability of it all. It will also give you a timely reminder to enjoy the times you will have with your family, nothing else is important.
You Gotta Be Joking!
You can take the cockie out of the country, but the manure remains when Dickie Hart sells up the back-country farm and moves to the city for some culture! Terracotta pots and a home described as ‘Mediterranean’, Dickie finds himself like a fish out of water, floundering in a crowded street, with no vegie garden, no dogs, and not a thing to do. This quintessential Kiwi bloke is down to earth, a bit of a lad, a tad conservative, great with a piece of No 8 wire and determined to have a crack! Suddenly he’s coaching a rugby team filled with kids he can’t pronounce the names of; dabbling in amateur dramatics, getting friendly with the neighbour and – in the absence of his wife Glenda, belatedly taking her OE – even attracting the odd dinner date. Dickie is no longer a spectator in the game; he is a participant. Roger Hall lets Dickie loose on everyone from real estate agents, to talk back hosts. When Dickie joins the chorus of an amateur theatre group, he proves there is not only life after a world cup, there is life after dark as well.

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Roger Hall

Roger Hall s-a nascut la data de 17 ianuarie 1939 in , Noua Zeelandă.

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