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After The Lions
Another Time
In early 1950s Sea Point Town, Ike and Belle live with their son, Leonard, already a brilliantly gifted pianist who needs to study in Europe. When Ike dies, Belle is determined to further Leonard's studies whatever the cost. In Act II it is thirty-five years later in London where Leonard is a famous concert pianist. Belle and her brother and sister have travelled to London to see him, but Leonard has some shattering news for Belle.
about the moral entrpment of a famous musician in Nazi Germany. Richard Strauss was a jewel in the Nazis' cultural crown - until he chose the Jewish writer Stefan Zweig as his librettist. Their relationship is lovingly and brillianly sketched.John Peter, Sunday Times.
Country Matters
A committee of do-gooders view a country house in the hope of turning it into an institution for refugees. A refugee girl accompanies them and personal conflicts corrupt all charitable ideals
Deliberate Death Of A Polish Priest, The
based on the transcripts of a trial and other material arising out of the murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko
Dresser, The
Period 1942, Sir, the last of the great, but dying breed of English actor managers struggles through Lear with the aid of his dresser
English Tragedy, An
a gripping tale of conflicting loyalties and wartime treason, based on the true story of British Anti-Semite John Amery. Amery was arrested in 1945 and charged with high treason after making propaganda broadcasts for Nazi Germany.
Equally Divided
Equally Divided begins shortly after the funeral of Edith and Renata's mother. Edith, severe, embattled, unmarried, has sacrificed her life to nurse the bedridden old woman. Renata, glamorous and married several times, has spent her life doing what she pleases. When the contents of the will are made known, childhood rivalries re-emerge and the result is a moral tale both powerful and comic.
Family, A
Individual freedom, apparently much prized, threatens to destroy the power of a family.
Good Companions, The
The plot focuses on the trials and tribulations of a touring concert party known as the Dinky-Doos who are stranded in the English countryside when their manager absconds with the most recent box office revenue and the lady pianist. Jess Oakroyd, an amiable man who has abandoned his shrewish wife, endears himself to the company with his homespun advice, and they invite him to join them as a carpenter, baggage handler, and dogsbody. Elizabeth Trant comes to their rescue when she decides to use her inheritance to finance the troupe and escape from her boring life in the Cotswolds. Because of his habit of playing the piano late at night, songwriter Inigo Jollifant has been fired from his position at the Washbury Manor School in East Anglia, and he replaces the concert party's recently departed pianist, bringing with him banjo player and illusionist Morton Mitcham. As Miss Trant slowly achieves managerial authority, she encourages the troupe - which includes comedienne Susie Dean and singer Jerry Jerningham - to change its name to The Good Companions. They continue their tour and eventually arrive at the Sandybay Pavilion, where they play to a full house when a storm forces passersby to seek shelter in the theatre. Their success leads Inigo to contact a music publisher, who buys his songs and arranges for an impresario to see The Good Companions in Sandybay. The producer signs Susie and Jerry for his new revue, and he secures the remaining members of the company bookings in high class towns like Bournemouth. In the end, Miss Trant marries her solicitor, Susie heads to the West End, Inigo makes a fortune with his music, and Jess Oakroyd departs for Ontario, Canada to visit his daughter.
Goodbye Kiss
Set in Cape Town, Harwood's birth place, an evidently autobiographical account of a famous artist's return after 30 years overseas to track down the Cape Coloured nanny who brought him up.Jeremy Kingston, The Times
Guests, The
The dinner table is laid for five but significantly only one of the places is provided with a wine glass, and only one character is named in the cast list, insofar as Woman can be considered a name, we are in some realm of fantasy, though the precise nature of Woman's fantasy takes some time to emerge. She knows she is to be the only diner. She scampers up the stairs to let the first two in, and chatters to them in a bright hostessy manner, sipping from an invisible glass (not the one on the table). But then the hand forgets it is meant to be holding a glass and clutches her arm, and it becomes certain that the guests, like the glass, are figments of her imagination. She is alone, and the interest of the play becomes one of deciding what sort of loneliness she is in.Jeremy Kingston, The Times
Handyman, The
moving and comic complications in a tale of love across the Iron Curtain
disillusioned Russian estate owner has fallen out of love with his wife, his land and his friends
J.J. Farr
Mahler's Conversion
I belong nowhere.' Obsessed with power and fame, Gustav Mahler rejects his Jewish background and his friends with devastating consequences. Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), a composer and conductor of passion and genius, was born in Bohemia and faced a lifetime of prejudice - 'I'm homeless. Not once but three times. First, a native of Bohemia in Austria. Second, an Austrian among Germans. And third, a Jew in the rest of the world'. But in 1897, in order to be granted the prestigious position of Director of the Vienna Court Opera, Mahler decided to convert to Catholicism. In time, however, as his world collapsed, he came to believe he was being made to pay a dreadful price for his ruthless ambition.
March Hares
Night Of The Day Of The Imprisoned Writer, A
Ordeal Of Gilbert Pinfold, The
Middle aged write embarks on sea voyage and is victim to hallucinations which he believes to be real.
Poison Pen
Quartet Text disponibil online
Cecily, Reggie and Wilfred are in a home for retired opera singers. Each year, on 10 October, there is a concert to celebrate Verdi's birthday. Jean, who used to be married to Reggie, arrives at the home and disrupts their equilibrium. She still acts like a diva and refuses to sing. But the show must go on .
Reflected Glory
See You Next Tuesday
Wealthy Parisian publisher Pierre has the career, the wife, the friends and the mistress - and an unusual pastime. Once a week, his friends meet for dinner and invite the most idiotic person they can find. By chance, Pierre comes across the finest nincompoop ever. When the paths of these two unlikely dinner companions cross, it results in choas.
Taking Sides
story of Wilhelm Furtw
Tramway Road

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Ronald Harwood

Ronald Harwood s-a nascut la data de 9 noiembrie 1934 in Capetown, Africa de Sud.

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