Piese de Ronald Tavel

Arenas of Lutetia
Ark of God, The
Arse Long - Life Short
Boy On The Straight-Back Chair
Canticle Of the Nightingale
Christina's World
The action takes place in a summer, mid-twentith century, on a small Dellaware farm.
Cleobis and Bito
Clown's Tail, The
Gazelle Boy
Delaray Edelstone lives in British Columbia, Canada. She is a dotty lady whose closest friend is another dotty lady, also a missionary. The gazele boy is an adolescent who comes into their lives, a refugee from a menthal home, who eiter is or is not a schizophrenic but who puts on a good act as a feral child.
Gorilla Queen
Two whole civilizations, the scrum of the jungle and the cream of Hollywood, are tossed about in a whirpool of philosophy. Beast and movie star couple in a grubby lust. Purity is despoiled by a mad male nun. Transformation leads to transformation with vertiginous extravagance. All the climaxes are in the wrong places, and dualism multiply until the tragic ending is only a pretext for another happy, or at least manic, beginning.
A transvestite named Mario Montez sits in full drag on a couch suggestively eating bananas. A bored woman sits beside him, and two men stand behind them. Off-screen, Ronald Tavel, Billy Name, and Harry Fainlight discuss, among other things, the pros and cons of various female movie stars. With typical Warholian perversity, the characters onscreen remain for the most part silent.
Indira Gandhi's Daring Device
The play depicted Prime Minister Gandhi as bewitched by a giant phallus. Writhing, moaning, starving untouchables crowd the stage until she enters, accompanied by her aide.
A hilariously spoofs the making of an avant-garde movie.
Last Days of British Honduras, The
The action is set in the jungles of Belize. A gringo plunges into a chamber drama involving 'locals' that touches on notions of destiny and rebirth, Meso-American mythology and the supernatural, race and the legacy of colonialism.
Life of Juanita Castro, The
Un regizor de teatru pune în scenă o piesă despre relația Juanitei cu Fidel Castro și fratele acestuia Raoul, cu Che Ghevara, totul petrecându-se într-o manieră ridicolă.
Life of Lady Godiva, The
Pisa face parte din teatrul ridicoluluifiind, așa cum o caracterizează autorul, o dramă isterică.
My Foetus Lived On Amboy Street
Notorious Harik Will Kill the Pope
Nutcracker in the Land of Nuts, The
Christmas Eve. Around a gigantic and strangely decorated Christmas tree is assembled a heap of packaged gifts, among them two toys wearing chefs hats whose round stomachs are formed into drums; and a tall nutcracker, an American soldier, that can talk, sing and dance.
Ovens of Anita Orangejuice, The
Queen of Greece
O piesă provocatoare care amestecă imaginea imperialismului american cu Grecia antică și modernă, expunând multiple idei năucitoare. Acțiunea îi implică pe Socrate și Platon, Jackie Kenedy și Ari Onassis, alături de Byron și Marina Souvlacki Joplin. Poate fi cel mai bine caracterizată prin cuvintele autorului: "Îmi doresc să fi fost educat în logica aristoteliană, încât să pot înțelegelaum nu pot s-o fac." (p. 8)
Screen Test
Secrets of the Citizens Correction Committee
Acțiunea se petrece în două cabine de duș alăturate, zgomotul apei care curge fiind fundalul pentru dialoguri interesante și amuzante despre viață.
Success and Succession
Tarzan of the Flicks
Thick Duck
Understudy, The
Despre tineri delincvenți și tortura fizică reală făcută de sadici profesioniști.
Vinyl Visits an FM Station
Words For Bryan To Sing and Dance

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Ronald Tavel

Ronald Tavel s-a nascut la data de mai 1941 in New York, SUA.

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