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As Told By The Boys Who Fed Me Apples
Sandy was the only Australian War Horse to return home from World War I. This is his poignant and fragmented war story. Through Sandy we experience the lives of three men who fought in the war. Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges is mortally wounded at Gallipoli, and Sandy is his charger. A veterinary officer is caught with Sandy behind the lines on the Western Front in a gas shell barrage. A ‘permanently unfit’ soldier becomes a groom and brings Sandy home. Each is affected by their symbiotic relationship with the horse. This unique, poetic piece of theatre captures the brutality of war and the heroism of the soldiers and horses who served. Sandy is the horse full of wattle who drank the waters of the Murray in bucketloads, and who danced with bogong moths.
At The Centre Of Light
Mary MacKillop stood her ground against male patriarchy and parochialism. She went alone to Rome to plead with the Pope that the Josephite sisters should have central control over their order rather than it being carved up to serve the interests of local Bishops. Her travels are an odyssey - mapping an interior landscape of belief and aspiration in a world of dark places. As 19th century Australia is being mapped, explored and carved up for minerals and land grabs, Mary discovers another landscape made of faith and dreams. Her original and authentic voice challenges a colonial society dominated by men and asks, what is this land to which we all belong?
Black Box 149
A fictionalised account of a true incident — the grounding of British Airways Flight 149 at Kuwait International Airport during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 — the play explores the impact of war and terror on the lives of civilians. Written as an intense psychological and emotional journey, the play explores secrets, betrayal and guilt, and how the personal is impacted by the political.
Bring On The Talent
Self-proclaimed guru, Flynn Fitzpatrick, holds high-priced acting classes and attempts to victimise his students with unexpected consequences. The play is a study about the cult of personality. How unstable people who seek power attract vulnerable people to them and infuse them with their own madness.
Carrying Shoes into the Unknown
A fictionalised account based on a true story of a Western family living in Iran during the last days of the Shah and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini. The family are as deceived about the politics of the West in Iran as they are about their relationship to each other.
A Homeric Odyssey told from the perspective of a stray dog as he journeys through Melbourne’s urban landscape. Raw performance, a designed soundscape and an epic and poetic text combine to create an extraordinary adventure.

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