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Boys At The Beach
A holiday for the boys turns into a lifetime bond when they buy a section at the beach. Spanning 23 years we see the blokes (and later their families) drink, sing, play cricket and hang around the barbie.
Flagons and Foxtrots
The setting for the Jenkins family story, and a lot more, is a hall 5kms out of town in 1965. A glimpse of life before pubs, techno and dance raves. A romantic comedy.
Happy Coupling
A hilarious look at the night before the morning after. Digby is getting married in the morning, but if this stag party is anything to go by then it doesn't bode well. Can his luck really be this bad, or does his brother Eddie have a secret agenda? And what about the hen's night on floor below? For bride-to-be Mandy, getting to the altar is a game of Truth and Dare with a lot at stake. And is there something her mother Sylvia isn't telling her? Set on two floors of a swanky hotel that clearly had a lot of money spent on it in the 1980's, this comedy is based on eternal themes, love, sex and mistaken identity.
Shop Till You Drop
Lizzie and Noeline from Palmy arrive in Melbourne for retail therapy only to find themselves sharing an apartment with a couple of hometown boys, Boxer and Swanee, over for the Bledisloe Cup.
The Big OE
London 1974 - Kiwis Stuey and Trace join Tronk's Tiki Tours (7 countries in 10 days) for a bit of a European fun before heading home to matrimonial bliss. But as the clapped out Kombi crams in other travellers en route, 'fun' turns to ferment.
The Thirty-Nine Steps
A trio of actors plays a dazzling array of minor roles and the whole experience is delivered with a playfulness that is partly tongue in cheek deflation of the genre, and partly pure inventive fun

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Ross Gumbley

Ross Gumbley s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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