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A seemingly normal detention in a seemingly normal modern day comprehensive. the valiant teacher battles on with biology revision. She believes only education will set her pupils free. For outside the world is in the middle of a long and bloody war. Despite all her best efforts, all too soon the tide of conflict is lapping at the school gates and one by one pupils and teacher are pulled under, as their hopes and dreams float away from them. But as she has taught them in her biology lesson, like the cockroach, the fittest will survive. She is no longer sure however if tenderness and humanity stand a chance?
Dancing Bears
The violence and twisted loyalty of teenage gangs is laid bare.
Edgar & Annabel
A young married couple prepare dinner in a smartly furnished kitchen. annabel is composed, intelligent, in love. edgar is professional, successful, assured. She's chopping vegetables, he's brought the wine. But something isn't right. In a city not so different from our own capital, a group of freedom fighters attempt to stand up to an Orwellian establishment in increasingly perilous circumstances. The play paints a picture of a police state in crisis. the story that unfolds brings into question relationships, identities and the very nature of reality itself. . .
London Street Sauna
Saul and GEmma are doing just fine living on their own. With no parents on the scene Saul's big sister looks after her teenage brother ok. But when Hailey comes into their lives she stirs up their emotions to test the nature of all our true loves.
Ned & Sharon
A story of love and tenderness about a troubled teenager in a care home.
Old O'Malley
Two careers hang in the balance. Self-made millionaire Kim Keen is one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. as she prepares to launch her latest range on national television an unexpected visitor arrives in her dressing room with a different set of priorities to promote.
Reguli de viață (Rules For Living)
Everyone creates their own coping strategies or rules for living. But what happens when an extended family gathers in the kitchen for a traditional Christmas and they each follow those rules, rigidly? With all due respect, that sounds like the biggest load of pseudo-psychological nonsense I've ever heard in my life. In Sam Holcroft's theatrically playful, dark comedy the family does just that. And when the instructions are there for all to see, audience included, there's really no place to hide. As long-held mechanisms for survival are laid bare, even Mum, who's been preparing this lunch since last January, becomes embroiled.
The Wardrobe
A gripping journey through British history that shows how our country was shaped and how connected we are with our past. Across five centuries of British history, small groups of children seek sanctuary in the same solid, old wardrobe. It's the safest place they know  but is it safe enough?
Two men love the same woman. Two women love the same man. Vanya is a study of the febrile and passionate inner lives of the four main protagonists in Chekhov's tragicomedy. Sam Holcroft's new play explores an inner world of high emotion, memory and missed opportunity which goes beyond despair and longing to reveal two obsessive love affairs that lead nowhere.
While You Lie
Small lies, little lies, tender lies, well-intentioned untruths. Ana calls Edward's bluff on their disintegrating relationship and enters a deadly truthful world where honesty is celebrated in all of its dangerous glory. They don't make women like Helen anymore: loving mother, home-maker, wife. But beneath the civilised veneer of her life, a dark truth threatens to surface. Two couples explore the threat of honesty and our perverse need for it in this blistering play from one of UK theatre's most exciting new voices.

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Sam Holcroft

Sam Holcroft s-a nascut la data de in , Marea Britanie.

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