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Curse of the Starving Class
The setting is a farmhouse somewhere in the American West, inhabited by a family who have enough to eat, but not enough more to satisfy the other hungers that bedevil them. The father is a drunk; the mother a frowzy slattern; the daughter precocious beyond her years; and the son a deranged idealist who wants something better but has no clear idea of how to attain it. The action is filled with changes and counter-changes as the family decides to sell the house to raise money; the mother talks of running off to Europe or Mexico, but ends up asleep on the kitchen table; the father sobers up and tries to take control; the daughter is blown up in the family car; and the son is brutalized and bloodied by the evil forces besetting them. In the end of the play its people become a metaphor for the underside of American life-the benighted innocents forever pursuing a diminished dream, and the illusion of fulfillment which remains ever beyond their reach.
Fool For Love
The scene is a stark motel room at the edge of the Mojave Desert. May, a disheveled young woman, sits dejectedly on a rumpled bed while Eddie, a rough-spoken rodeo performer, crouches in a corner fiddling with his riding gear. When he attempts to console May, who is distressed by Eddie's frequent absences and love affairs, she seems, at first, to soften-but then she suddenly attacks him. As the recriminations pour out, and the action becomes, at times, physically violent, the desperate nature of their relationship becomes apparent-they cannot get along with, or without, one another, yet neither can subdue their burning passion. The poignancy of their situation (they are half-brother and half-sister as well as lovers) is pointed out by the play's two other characters: a hapless young man who stops by to take May to the movies and becomes the butt of Eddie's funniest yet most humiliating jokes; and a ghostly old man (perhaps their father) who sits in a rocking chair at the side of the stage, sipping whiskey and commenting wryly on what he observes. Eventually May and Eddie tire of their struggle and embrace-but it is evident that the respite is temporary and that their love, the curse of the past which haunts them, will remain forever damned and hopeless.
True West
o nouă radiografie în parte comică, în parte tragică, a industriei filmului american şi, totodată, un comentariu general al societăţii americane sfâşiată între consum, reţetă şi valoare umană. Povestea este surprinzătoare şi emoţionantă, aducând în prim plan o familie americană, iar tonurile prezente în text, atent developate de regie, cuprind o plajă tematică şi stilistică foarte amplă, de la umorul în cascadă, până la fiorul tragic din final.

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Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard s-a nascut la data de 5 noiembrie 1943 in Fort Sheridan Illinois, SUA.

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